Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Micah Lyons
Micah Lyons plays one of the titular fiends in the new family comedy How to Beat a Bully.

TVSO: Had you worked with the film-makers before or was it an audition that won them over?

LYONS: No I hadn’t worked with them before. I was pretty nervous about doing the NYC mobster/goon accent and when I walked into the studio to audition, one of the first things that [HTBAB Co-Writer] Marilyn Anderson mentioned was that she was from New York... I knew that I would have to win the role by being the funniest, not by being type-cast. So, just let loose and gave it all I had and luckily, that was just enough! Overall, I had an incredible time working with everyone involved and am really hoping to work with them all again someday very soon!

TVSO: Did it film locally? Were you a local hire?

LYONS: The movie filmed in and around L.A. so it was local for me as a resident of the Los Feliz area in L.A. Most of my scenes were shot at a horse ranch in Burbank which was a BLAST!

How To Beat A Bully
TVSO: How were you pitched the film, originally, do you recall?

LYONS: The writers of HTBAB are seasoned pros and very smart when it comes to quickly and concisely explaining the movie in a way that hooks in the audience and gives them a exciting taste of whats to come. The phrase “Home Alone meets The Sopranos--but without guns...” was said at least a thousand times before I ever even got a full script. I think that people underestimate how important that is! If people aren’t sure what something is or if it takes too long to explain, they’re sudden no longer interested. And that’s where most indie film’s get it all wrong. The film-maker’s passion gets in the way of their business sense. So, I applaud Richard [Rossner] and Marilyn for knocking it out of the park in that area! It has helped everyone involved do a better job of promoting their film.

TVSO: And your character? How was he described to you?

Micah Lyons
LYONS: My character’s name is 'Nick.' He was described to me as “the dumb one.” And for me that was GREAT! That meant that the creative doors were wide open for me to play and push the boundaries of the physical comedy as far as I could before being pulled back by the director. That is every actor’s dream, in a sense! There were many nights spent in the mirror, making faces and trying out different speech patterns and ways of walking, breathing and all kinds of fun stuff! I think I cracked myself up a lot and drove my wife a little crazy as she tried to sleep across the hall.

TVSO: If you had to pick two movies that you feel How To Beat A Bully is similar to – what would they be?

LYONS: HTBAB is similar to Home Alone and the children’s version of The Sopranos. It reminds me of all those great kid’s movies from the 90’s that I loved so much as I was growing up. You know the ones... A group of rag-tag kiddos taking on something way out of their league and making it look like any kid could do it. HTBAB is a great children’s film that harkens the audience back to those great films that I think America has really been missing for the last decade and a half.

How To Beat A Bully
TVSO: What have you been up to since the movie wrapped?

LYONS: Since HTBAB wrapped, I have been VERY busy! Along with having my second child, I have booked a stream of TV guest stars, commercials, and have been screenwriting like crazy! I am so proud to say that in May, I will be starring in a Taken style action/thriller that I wrote and am producing along with Joey Loomis of Morning Star Images. This movie is about a teenage girl who is abducted by ruthless sex traffickers, hell bent on selling her to the Mexican Cartel, and her only hope is her older brother who is in way over his head. This will be my company’s (Breath of Life Productions) first full length feature film to produce and it is a commercially viable, highly entertaining story with a greater cause. We will be donating 20% of the film’s profit to organizations that fight against sex trafficking in America.