Top 10 Worst Star Wars Fan Costumes and Cosplay Outfits Ever Made

The notion of something being the "best" or the "worst" is purely a subjective one, but we here at TVSO just can't help ourselves when it comes to Star Wars Halloween costumes or Star Wars cosplay in general.    It's one thing to hand-craft a truly screen-accurate replica as it relates to your favorite Star Wars character but these folks don't seem to sweat the tiny details--which is fine, really, when you get down to it.   We're certain that these Star Wars costumes weren't built for display purposes, these were prop replicas that would go in a die-hard Star War fans living room or man cave or office, these costumes were likely one-time-only designed to earn them a laugh and their local comic con or what have you...

We've culled the internet and we've come up with our favorite truly awful Star Wars Halloween costumes or Star Wars Cosplay outfits.    Man, these are bad!   And what's up with the awfulness of everyone's take on C-3PO?    3PO seems to be the major challenge to anyone who has their heart set on being a Star Wars character for Halloween, right?

And remember we're not making fun of anyone here, we're laughing with them!

awful star wars costume

bad star wars comic con costume

star wars halloween costume

star wars halloween cosplay costume
Top 10 Bad Star Wars halloween costumes
Top 10 Horrible Star Wars costumes
Top 10 Awful Star Wars costumes
bad princess leia costumes

D-I-Y star wars costumes

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