The Sexiest Horror Movies of the 1980's

Top 5 sexy horror movies of the 80s
With Halloween quickly approaching we thought we'd give the TVSO Blog readers a quick look at some of our favorite 1980's sexy horror movies.    Horror fans are the most passionate fans out there, and with this unspoken connection between blood, sex, and death we thought--hey, let's sexy this whole thing up a bit.   The following list represents some of, not just our favorite sexy horror movies of the 80's, but also some of the best horror movies of all time period.  A few of these are considered to be classics.    We like our vampires and monsters here at TVSO--especially if they're from the 1980's.   
What follows are our Top 5 Favorite Sexy Horror Movies (In no particular order):

cat people 1982
Cat People (1982)
Produced for the defunct RKO Pictures, Director Paul Schrader is one of the rare breeds of the Brat-Pack of film-makers of the '70s to actually make a film, a remake of the 1942 Val Lewton title, that is better than its inspiration.   Nastassja Kinski  is "Irena" a drifter of sorts, who also happens to be part human-part werecat heads to New Orleans where she reconnects with her brother.    Chalk full of sex, blood, and death, Scharder's Cat People is a masterpiece of fantasy and eroticism.   The film has a very dreamy quality about it as well, which, should come to no surprise given the brilliance of Director of Photography John Bailey, who is one of the greatest cinematographers in the history of the film medium.
lair of the white worm 1988
Lair of the White Worm (1988)
Directed by cult film-maker Ken Russell and loosely-based on a Bram Stoker novel, White Worm highlights an archaeology student's attempt to explore a local legend of the d'Ampton "worm."  After finding a skull, he is lead to the home of "Lady Sylvia Marsh" and begins to explore underneath her home in the caverns for a snake/worm creature.   From here things get weird-as-hell and we get all kinds of crazy F.W. Murnau meets MTV dark, gothic imagery and with a bunch of sex added in Lair of the White Worm is one trip you'll likely never forget.
the hunger 1983

The Hunger (1983)
Directed by the recently passed Tony Scott, brother of Director Ridley Scott, The Hunger is the definition of sex and vampires on the big screen. The Hunger likely has inspired every single sexy vampire film that has come out since it first premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.   The Hunger features the music of Goth Rock superstars Bauhaus and features actresses Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon, as well as rocker-turned-actor David Bowie.   Deneuve and Sarandon are  vampire lovers, Bowie is a research doctor who gets sucked into their spell and it becomes a ménage à trois.  Probably the sexiest horror film of all time.
vamp 1986
Vamp (1986)
Part comedy and part sexy horror film, Vamp was likely a major influence on Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's From Dusk Till Dawn (1996).  Two college students (Robert Rusler and Chris Makepeace) set out to hire a stripper for a party they are throwing, and as they end up descending into the city on their search they stumble into a surreal strip club--where they encounter "Queen Katrina" (actress/musician Grace Jones)--who just might be the freakiest thing you've ever seen in your life. One gets bit, and the other is forced to fight his way out of the strip club/vampire lair.   Vamp is all about the gross-out. There are lots of gross vampire strippers, some blood splatter, and funny quips and one-liners that will have you giggling as much as you will be puking.   

videodrome 1983
Videodrome (1983)
Written and directed by the King of Canadian Horror, David Cronenberg, Videodrome was released in 1983.  The film stars actor James Woods and musician-turned-actress Debby Harry.  The film is set in Canada in the early 1980's and it highlights Woods as a boss of a TV station who discovers a secret TV signal coming across the airwaves that features lots of graphic violence, and he decides to put it out to the public.    On a television talk show, he meets "Nicki" (Debby Harry) and the two get lost in the violence and hallucinations that start happening to them.    Videodrome is one of the strangest movies you will never see.   Lots of blood, sex, death, and deformity.

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