Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Top 5 Ninja Movies of the 1980s

Top Five Ninja movies of the 1980s
While the Ninja has become a pop culture oddity in the recent years, famously equated today as being a best-selling juice blender,  in the 1980's the ninja was understood as a Eastern martial arts badass.  

And yet most American's really have no idea about what a ninja exactly is.    Whereas, the United States military have special-ops soldiers, sharp-shooters etc. for special situations in combat, in the feudal Japan of the 15th-17th centuries the ninja were elite-trained warrior (s) who cloaked themselves in secretive wares and set out on special missions of warfare, sabotage, espionage and assassination.    The Eastern martial arts and military have always prided themselves on honor, and at most times, philosophy. Yet the ninja-warriors' key to efficiency has been their unscrupulous detachment from honor.  The ninja is a dirty fighter and his goal is succinct with his mission--to accomplish it by any means necessary.   

While many will argue that the portrayal of the ninja in the movies of the 1980's was over-exaggerated, in part because of the warriors magical powers often given to them--this likely stems from the notion of mystical powers given to martial artists in the Hong Kong films of the Shaw Brothers of the '70s--the ninja, still, has become a canonized warrior of sorts to the generation of American kids who grew up in the 1980's. The ninja films of the 80's inspired kids to explore their intrigue into martial arts, regardless of their propensity for portraying any element of reality, as well as given them a desire to buy a throwing star.  Why?  Because throwing stars are kick ass, that's why.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Becoming A Star in Television and The Movies

Becoming a big hit star on Television and the movies can take a great deal of hard work and persistence. A person must have a passion for Television and the movies and the drive to succeed. Proper training can help a person perfect their craft. Enrolling in an acting or drama school can help the person receive the required training for Television as well as the movies. Once the proper training is received, it is best to find an agent willing to represent a newcomer to the business.

Early on you may find yourself going on countless auditions. Open call auditions are the easiest because you do not have to be a union member to attend an open call audition. If you wanna make it big in Television and movies, you’ll most certainly need a SAG card. 

It is possible that one dynamite audition can launch your career and it may even earn you your SAG card. For example, Brad Pitt started out in commercials and of course over time he became a huge star. Pitt had his first break in 1987 appearing in two episodes of the soap ‘Another World’. This lead to other Television roles for Pitt and eventually he was offered movie roles. Pitt came a long way from soap operas to hit movies like ‘12 Monkeys’, ‘Seven’, and of course ‘Fight Club’.

Alec Baldwin also studied acting to perfect his talent. Baldwin eventually landed a regular role on an afternoon soap opera from 1980-82. Television seemed to lay the ground work for him because he did eventually become a big motion picture star.

It does help to make as many connections within the industry as possible. However, it’s also important to keep in mind that nothing happens overnight. The Television and movie business is a tough profession. You must learn to handle rejection and not take it personally.

Sooner or later, if you have the drive to succeed and stay focused, some amazing things may begin to happen. Acquiring a good agent can help the actor a great deal. An agent will handle all Television and movie bookings for their client. The agent does receive a percentage of the actor’s earnings.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

5 Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies You Haven't Seen (But Probably Should)

Arnold Schwarzenegger movies
Everyone loves Arnold Schwarzenegger.   He's one of the biggest draws in the history of Hollywood.   And it doesn't matter if you think his films are any good, once good, or not good whatsoever--you can't deny Arnold's magnetism.     Whether you're a fan of Arnold or not, you can't deny that some of his films have had a major influence on popular culture, not to mention having spawned many sequels and references.

Most of us have seen The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Commando, Red Heat etc.., but Arnold's actually made an entire slew of hims that for whatever reason haven't received the respect that they deserve to date.  Whether if that's because of the size of the film, or the fact that it hasn't been released widely into the home video market--nonetheless, Arnold is a great actor, and shouldn't be known simply for his lugubrious one-liners and high octane action films.

What follows are 5 Arnold films that you probably haven't seen (but should) in no particular order:

Monday, October 26, 2015

Relating To 'The Office'

*The "Office" May Have Gotten off to a Shaky Start: 

NBC’s sitcom 'The Office' started10 years ago and is still going strong. Early on the show was not considered a very good show generally speaking. However, the Television show as well as their characters have come a long way within a decade. 

Back in 2005 there was not an overwhelming interest in comedy especially on Thursday evenings. However, The Office did eventually find a regular audience. The show seems to strike a core with viewers for a variety of reasons. People can relate to The Office very well because it does deal with every day and somewhat serious issues that the average working person may encounter within the workplace.

*Common Work Problems Addressed Each Episode:

Typical family arguments and other family problems are often brought into the workplace. The "Office" is no exception. Several episodes depict some of the workers griping about family related problems and how it affects them and their overall attitude. Again, another example of why the public can relate so well to this TV sitcom.

The Office has also featured episodes when an employee is terminated from their position. Therefore, this is another reason as to why the television viewers can relate very well to this comedy sitcom. When you think about it, I'm sure each and every day somewhere in the world someone is fired from their present job weather it's deserved or not. 

*Presenting The Cast In A Way That The Public Can Relate:

The Office attempts to humanize the shows characters in an effective manner. If an employee is terminated for example, nothing is sugar coated or overlooked. The person was simply fired left to their own devices as far as securing another job.

On a lighter note, The Office brought to life other issues like marriage. In one episode a few years back a wedding did take place between two employees. Therefore, the sitcom does also look at the some more joyful aspects of life. The viewers feel a certain level of comfort with this particular sitcom. This is the reason that viewers tune in to The Office on a regular basis. The TV show does in fact bring something real to the screen otherwise they would not be able to secure a regular viewing audience and would probably face cancellation.

*Laughter Can Be Healthy:

We the viewers/ public can relate very well to The Office because of the nature of the issues addressed each and every week. In addition, the subject matter is addressed in a humorous way. The world needs humor and laughter especially with the high stress environment in which we now live.

The Office gives viewers something to take with them once the episode concludes. This sitcom gives the public something to talk about with their co-workers the next day. Laughter relieves stress and allows a person to forget their troubles at least for a short time.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Can The Series ‘The Walking Dead’ Become a Movie?

It’s only a matter of time before the hit series ‘The Walking Dead’ becomes a movie. It has all the elements that make for a successful movie. The question is not, can it become a film, but really, when should it become one. Right now it’s riding a wave of popularity, both with consumers, but also the media. Despite the fact that the first season was greeted cautiously because of the level of violence, the spot-on character development pulled viewers in week after week.

‘The Walking Dead’ is now in Season 6, a critical point for any television series. How much more does it have to tell? Will viewers start to lose interest because they feel the plot is always the same, there are no new surprises in store? It’s always good to end on a high, leaving viewers wishing for more. Because of this factor, I think you can give them ‘The Walking Dead’ movie. There’s said to be enough material from the books to do seven more seasons, but why not use it to make movie, and if it does well, a sequel?

There’s only one clear choice for who would star in ‘The Walking Dead’ movie. You would absolutely want the same stars from the television series to reprise their roles. Who else could play Rick Grimes but Andrew Lincoln? Could anyone but Steven Yeun be Glenn Rhee? For a movie to be successful, it must keep the same stars as the television series.

There are a plethora movies about comic book superheros in theaters now. And in the horror genre, vampires have long dominated. The movie going public has been ready for some time now to see something new to fear. Zombies are becoming more popular, especially with the previous successes of movies such as ‘Dawn of The Dead’, ‘Land of the Dead’, and ‘Zombieland’. Zombies are unlike any other creature because you can't glamorize them into anti-heroes. They must remain bad. What else is there to do but kill them? (The one rare exception to this rule was the movie ‘Warm Bodies’.)

'The Walking Dead' is more than a show about our main characters killing zombies. It’s about relationships and community. If someone you love dies, then comes back, you want to believe you have gotten them back. Unfortunately, it isn't really them, but it’s hard to kill them again when you’re still grieving. People who’ve little in common become families. The struggle to survive unites very different people. It’s this struggle that makes show a hit television series. It’s these same elements that’ll hopefully make it a hit movie.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ways We Related to the TV Sitcom ‘Married With Children’

For those that don’t know, Married With Children was a TV sitcom that aired for 11 seasons that was created by Michael G. Moye and Ron Leavitt. The plot was about a stereotypical dysfunctional and borderline broke family during the 90's that lived in an unknown suburb area in Chicago. This show was a real life example of how children can change your views on life and how you make decisions. Kids can drive you insane, but will keep you honest. Every family has their internal issues that they’re dealing with making them dysfunctional.

Married With Children casts the lives of the family characters Al Bundy, Peggy, Kelly, and Bud. Al was a well-known and talented football player in high school who grew up to be a hard working women's shoe salesmen. His wife Peggy stays at home most of the time buying from the Home Shopping Network. She can also be rather obnoxious. Then there’s the young, attractive yet clueless daughter Kelly. That basically sums her up. And finally, their wise guy son, who’s the most intelligent one in family and who’s also obsessed over girls, Bud. Their close neighbors down the street are the active couple Steve Rhoades and his feminist wife Marcy. Marcy eventually gets divorced and later remarries Jefferson D'Arcy, who was a white-collar criminal who evolved into a role as her trophy husband and Al's trusty sidekick. This makes for an awkward family relationship and hilarious show for viewers.

Now, this story-line very similarly models the family life of most suburban families. Married With Children made fun of these average suburban families, while still sharing the truth. The reason the viewers found this sitcom hilarious is because all the jokes and corny lines where actually true and relatable. Viewers could say that totally resembles my family or friends down the street.

It was very common in the 90's for the stereotypical family to have the dad go out and work to support the family, while the mother takes care of the kids at the house. Women didn't have nearly as many job opportunities and in some cases were treated differently compared to men. The kids usually stayed at home most of the time, except when going to school. However, some kids were home-schooled.

As most of us may know, younger kids growing up aren't the brightest as they’re usually egocentric and not yet knowledgeable of the world around them. Young kids are trying to find their true personality.

Finally, let’s fast forward to the 21st century, and the roles have somewhat changed. Through various activists, women have achieved more rights than in the past. In today’s society, it’s very common for women to work in addition to their husbands or supply all the income. Occasionally, the roles are reversed and the women work while the men take care of the house. Kids are out of the house a lot more getting an education and volunteering their time (or working if they are old enough).

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What Goes Into Making A Successful Sitcom?

Without a doubt, there are a lot of things that go into creating a successful sitcom. In fact, many people have said that it’s more difficult to create a sitcom than it would be to create a drama. This is because comedy is often more difficult to pull off than drama. What makes one person laugh, may not be entertaining at all to the next person in line. Unless an overwhelming majority of people are entertained, the show scarcely stands a chance to have any type of a future. The multitude of sitcoms that have tried and failed only serves as proof that most shows barely make it past being an idea inside someone's head.

The first thing that has to exist for a sitcom to succeed is a good story. A background of the story must be interesting enough to hold people's attention and it has to be a story that allows people to identify with the characters. Many times, people want to be able to see themselves or someone that’s close to them in a situation that brings comedy into the picture. In fact, some of the most successful shows like “How I Met Your Mother” are based on someone's true experiences. Better yet, they give viewers the opportunity to identify with those characters and they do it in a way that is funny instead of frustrating, thereby allowing viewers to find humor in their own lives.

Of course, the best story in the world’s practically useless, unless the actors are top-notch. For one reason or another, viewers are simply able to identify with certain actors better than others. Some people have a role that they play for years that just seems to fit them and they essentially become that character as far as most of the viewers are concerned. Think of the characters on the popular sitcom “Roseanne.” These people played the same characters for so long and they did it so convincingly that many viewers began to see these individuals as the characters they played as opposed to understanding that they were watching actors. This is when the real magic starts to happen because it’s one of the key components that allow sitcoms to be successful, often for a number of years.

One of the things that’s easy to forget is that the person that’s behind the scenes putting it all together can make all the difference between a sitcom that works and one that fails miserably. The director's job is to visualize everything and make it come together. This is often a much more difficult job than many people realize and having a solid director on-board can completely change the face of the show. In truth, all of these things have to come together in order to make it all work. Otherwise, there’s every likelihood that the show will fail.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Arrested Development: A Show Ahead of It's Time

Arrested Development is centered on Michael Bluth who's burdened with being the head of the household after his father's imprisoned after being found guilty of a white collar crime that he committed within his company. What's worse is that almost the rest of the family who has lost much of their financial wealth, are greedy and manipulative with incest-like streaks. Michael has a son of his own into whom he's trying to instill his values but his son feels equally pressured to join in with the rest of the family. 

Many argue that it was ahead of its time due to its heavy use of double entendres, which are words or phrases that are open to more than one interpretations, at least one of which has a risqué innuendo meaning. In 2003, when Arrested Development first aired, sexuality and deviant sexuality were only just beginning to be heavily portrayed on TV shows and media. 

the series was too overwhelming for the public for its time, which is probably one main contributing reason as to why it lasted for only three seasons. According to Michael Cera, another might have been that the network couldn't get their heads around how to go about selling something like that in a time when sexuality and the sort of familial dysfunction was barely beginning to be portrayed in the media. 

It was aired again as a fourth season in 2012. It has since been named number two for Best Cult TV Show for the Past 25 Years in Entertainment Weekly. Entertainment Weekly has praised Arrested Development for its meshing jokes that no longer offend most of the general public audience. In 2013, the show's creator, Mitchell Hurwitz, announced that he was working on the long-awaited movie and would begin working on the fourth season after finishing the movie. Approximately fifteen of the fourth season's episodes were almost immediately released on Netflix.

What's more’s that Arrested Development portrays the sort of dysfunction, that, in many ways that we're seeing more of in the U.S. nationwide in real life. Work ethics seems to be going increasingly downhill, more parents are becoming helicopter parents and more teens than ever are on a rebellious path due to absent or poor parenting. Arrested Development seems to mirror that culture and then some. However, those lines also seem to be blurring between the financial classes.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Top 5 Chuck Norris Movies

Top 5 Chuck Norris Movies
 Chuck Norris is so tough that he punched the last guy in the nose who tried to make a Top Five Chuck Norris Movies list...

It's become a bit of punch line today, you know:  Chuck Norris is so tough that...."   Hell, we here at TVSO even have shirts for sale with the slogan... But what people, especially, if you're under the age of 25, don't really understand today is that back in the late '70s and early 80's, Chuck Norris wasn't just this movie actor who normally played in martial arts and hero/bad guy movies, he was actually a great actor who was often times pitted against a total badass of similar magnitude.    In the 80's, Norris was the king of the home video market, likely, just as popular as Bruce Willis, Arnold, or whomever you wanna suggest as being one of the very popular action movies stars of yesterday.    

Yes, Norris, made a few mistakes, and make a few movies that almost, at times, lampooned his own mystique and badassery (We all remember Top Dog and Sidekicks), but at the end of the day, his legacy, because he is now over the age of 70--will always been cemented in with, what we here at TVSO, think are his best movies.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Top 10 Worst Star Wars Fan Costumes and Cosplay Outfits Ever Made

Top 10 Bad Star Wars costumes

The notion of something being the "best" or the "worst" is purely a subjective one, but we here at TVSO just can't help ourselves when it comes to Star Wars Halloween costumes or Star Wars cosplay in general.    It's one thing to hand-craft a truly screen-accurate replica as it relates to your favorite Star Wars character but these folks don't seem to sweat the tiny details--which is fine, really, when you get down to it.   We're certain that these Star Wars costumes weren't built for display purposes, these were prop replicas that would go in a die hard Star War fans living room or man cave or office, these costumes were likely one-time-only designed to earn them a laugh and their local comic con or what have you...

We've culled the internet and we've come up with our favorite truly awful Star Wars Halloween costumes or Star Wars Cosplay outfits.    Man, these are bad!   And what's up with the awfulness of everyone's take on C-3PO?    3PO seems to be the major challenge to anyone who has their heart set on being a Star Wars character for Halloween, right?

And remember we're not making fun of anyone here, we're laughing with them!

bad star wars halloween costumes
bad star wars cosplay

awful star wars costume

bad star wars comic con costume

star wars halloween costume

star wars halloween cosplay costume
Top 10 Bad Star Wars halloween costumes
Top 10 Horrible Star Wars costumes
Top 10 Awful Star Wars costumes
bad princess leia costumes

D-I-Y star wars costumes

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Duck Dynasty: The 'Si-cology' of The Show

From the first time anyone (myself included) watches Duck Dynasty, they know it’s not the typical show full of the typical stuff like money and sex that make up a typical reality television show. It’s a show that a family can enjoy watch together. The Robertson brothers, their wives, and children all together made up a show full of love, family values, humor, a relaxed lifestyle, personalities that blend well together, people can relate to them, and a lot of women prefer to watch them on television instead of the typical good looking and muscular man that a lot of women look at. 

Live from Louisiana, the Robertson’s take reality television to a place geographically, emotionally, and spiritually where it has never been. They’re not rich and good looking men, but middle class bearded men who wear camouflage. Along with Willie and his wife Korie, Phil and Miss Kay, Phil’s brother Jase and Jep, and Phil’s off-the-wall brother Uncle Si, they pray, laugh, love, be down to earth, be family friendly, and do not rush through life. They do this all in one episode and continue it in the next episode as well. Their characters with their individual personalities mesh well to create a reality show like no other.

Another great thing that this family is that they are who they are and show just who they are on their show. They don’t cover up or hide anything and always show their true personalities. We can always count on Willie to make us laugh while he’s trying to stop his family from goofing off. Jase is always available for a wisecrack. Uncle Si is a disagreeable old man that is also lovable, who also has his own backwards psychology, or ‘si-cology’ as it otherwise known. Lastly, there is Phil the patriarch of the family who also is patient and puts up with all his family does. The four of them together have created their niche in television history forever. 

For a family that doesn’t own a cellular telephone and probably not even a television set, they sure have made television history. They’ve 8.6 million viewers and 4.2 million followers on Facebook.

Not only are they a Dynasty with the ducks and other animals they hunt, they’re a dynasty among their fans who love a family and their show that offers the opportunity to watch a family that truly loves each other, enjoys life, believes in God, has true family values, isn’t money hungry, eats together, prays together, and lives a very laid-back and relaxed lifestyle. Their love for each other, God, and life's apparent in everything they do. When they face the everyday challenges that any family does, they talk it out and pray to God for direction and insight. They face everything that happens to them with a smile on their faces and love in their heart. This is why their fans love them so much along with the fact that they can always make them smile. They teach people how to love, live for God, and enjoy life.

With their sense of humor, they also make their viewers laugh with their jokes and the funny things they say. That's why their fans truly think they're a quack up and that's the Si-Cology of Duck Dynasty.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Being a Reality TV Junkie

During the last 10 years, many networks have proclaimed that their viewership for their reality TV show offerings have been steadily increasing. When you look at the fact that TV shows are essentially stories that portray a world outside of our normal lives, it comes as no surprise that may people get hooked on watching reality TV shows. With that said, let's take a look at how the reality television scene has grown over the last 10 years as well as a few logical reasons as to why people become reality TV Junkies.

The Opportunity to See How Other People Live Their Lives
Many people argue that a lot of what transpires on reality TV is staged. However, regardless if this may be the case for some shows, reality TV is a good way for us to look into the lives of others. Let's face it, while we may hate drama that involves us, to a certain extent we can be considered as a world of voyeurs who gain a certain degree of enjoyment by observing others who are dealing with drama. 

Provides an Escape
Many of us undergo a great deal of stress due to the responsibilities that we have to attend to, such as our children, jobs, school and our love lives. As such, the concept of incorporating "down time" is easier said than done. However, brief TV shows such as "The Real World" or "Big Brother" don't really require a significant amount of mental focus in order for us to understand what's going on and can be quite funny at times. This concept of "mindless entertainment" can prove to be especially fulfilling after a long stressful day. 

The Rise of Reality TV
From the early 50s up until the late 90s - early 2000s reality TV shows were primarily about families. Based on the fact that during those times, children were not growing up with the intention of leaving their hometown, but rather the intention of taking over the family business and remaining within their hometown, the fact that reality TV shows of those times were primarily about families, comes as no surprise. However, as technology continuously gets integrated into every facet of our lives, people are leaving the constraints of their hometown in an attempt to travel and explore the world and all the experiences that goes with it. It is due to this change in our mindset that has led to the change that can be seen in reality TV shows. They provide us with an opportunity to experience the lives of other people regardless of their distance or social/financial status.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Top 3 90s Nostalgia TV Shows

What pre-teen or teen in the 90's didn't watch at least one of the 3 TV shows that I’m writing about below? They were the best during that decade. On nights 90210 came on, I’d make sure that all my chores were done, dinner was cooked; everyone ate and kitchen was clean. The floor in front of the TV was my next spot that was taken up for the whole hour, I would even sit through commercials; they didn't last that long back in the day. 

Now let's break down why Saved by the bell, 90210 & Clueless were the best shows ever in the 90's.

Everyone could relate to all the characters in this show, we all loved Zack, Slater & Screech. The pranks they would play on each other always seem to backfire onto them one way or the other, but they would wiggle themselves out of trouble. Zack & Kelly were the best couple to watch on that TV show even as they went to college they were the ones that I watched for and they took you through your middle, high & college years. The TV station TBS here in Atlanta, GA would run marathons on Saturday nights and I would stay up all night by myself and watch the marathon. Slater & Jesse were the 2nd couple that everyone looked up to, although there were times that they broke up with each other they seemed to come back together and be happy with each other. 

What a hot TV show this one was, there was drama, drinking, sex & drugs that were very appealing to a high school kid, college kid & parents. I can remember my mom watching this show with me and it used to take over my nights too, I had to do everything before I could be ready to watch my TV show. All the characters now looking back were cool then and they had it all at one time, and some lost it all at one time. My favorite character was Dylan! I know that most people's favorite was Brandon, but he was too much of a goody, goody for me and his sister was such a stuck up. All shows must come to an end, in the late 2000's they tried to come out with a new age spin off of 90210 it took off for a little while but was burnt out after 5 years and went off the air. 

This show was a more comical and it basically portrayed what the normal 16 ywar old girl would do at school and how they love to shop at the mall. It was stereotypical comedy in a way. The show to me, as I didn't relate to it very much, was a very girlie show and I was more about watching it for the fashion than I was for seeing the ditsy drama that Dee Dee, Jasmine & Murray had to conjure up. The TV show also wasn't as hot because they weren't able to cast Alicia Silverstone in the show. 

Unfortunately, these shows are no longer on TV for our children to watch, the reality TV shows have taken over the next generation, when these TV shows are available on Netflix to watch you can bet that I’ll be binge watching the TV and/or computer for all the seasons!