Monday, September 28, 2015

Top 5 Short-Lived Sci-Fi TV Shows That You Haven't Seen (But Probably Should)

Top 5 short-lived science fiction tv series
Television series come and go and for any number of reasons.  Yet, there have been many, especially in the science fiction genre that have been over-looked or canceled too soon.   Some simply just don't work, and some get ignored because they're on in a very competitive time slot.   For whatever reason somethings get canceled before they should, and there are just as many television series that probably shouldn't have ever been given the green light either. What follows is our list of science fiction shows that for some reason only ran for just one or two seasons before they were unjustly canceled.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Adapting Popular Video Games Into Feature Length Films

The act of adapting popular video games into feature length films is something that may seem on the surface to be a modern trend but, but is in fact, a practice that goes back several decades. In almost every case, however, a popular video game usually ends up adapting into a not-so-popular movie. Why exactly video games just don't seem to translate well on the silver screen is unclear but the trend seems pretty consistent.

Several examples of video games series that have been adapted into movies are listed below to illustrate the point.

Super Mario Bros. (1993)
This beloved video game was pretty much a guaranteed flop on the big screen, featuring too many contradictory elements to fit firmly into any one established genre. Super Mario Bros. attempts to modernize a game that delights on the fact that it makes absolutely no sense. The result is a movie with a plot that makes no sense but ends up being more confusing than entertaining.

Mortal Kombat (1995)
Based on the popular fighting game known for its outlandish characters and excessive violence, the Mortal Kombat film was a mixed bag. Though its stunts and special effects don't really hold up to the test of time, Mortal Kombat was fairly successful, financially speaking. The game's intentionally over-the-top nature, however, is a little out of reach for the film's modest budget. Needing actors who could both act and fight, it settles for a main cast that couldn't really do either. It features a host of colorful but one dimensional characters pitted against each other in repetitive fight scenes.

Hitman (2007)
A shoot-em-up action movie based on the popular first person shooter of the same name. Both film and game feature the same character, Agent 47, a bald headed killer with a barcode tattooed on the back of his head. The film attempts to flesh out the games amoral protagonist by giving him a tragic backstory, but at the end both the game and the movie star an emotionless killer who murders other killers for money. The result is a bleak, depressing movie with very few likable characters. The movie does have a whole lot of cool action sequences though and was popular enough.

It seems pretty clear that games just don't translate well into movies. It's a matter of structure, games like RPG's that have complex and engaging stories are meant to be played over the course of several days and aren’t easily condensed into 90 minutes.

Meanwhile, more action oriented games, such as First Person Shooters or Fighting Games, tend to have clear, compact stories but relatively flat characters. The result is a muddled compromise that pleases neither fans nor casual movie goers.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Top 5 Wes Craven Movies (Ranked From Worst to Best)

Top 5 Wes Craven movies
We here at TVSO were quite saddened to hear a couple weeks back about the passing of horror movie master Wes Craven.   While, Craven certainly dipped his toes into the mainstream of film-making later in his career, and while he also made a few stinkers (Deadly Friend, anyone?  Okay, the Kristy Swanson throws a basketball at Ann Ramsey's head scene does kick ass),  Craven inspired a whole generation of movie-makers on the rise with the work be produced during the 70's and into the 80's.   He created iconic horror movie characters that we as a entire culture have been unable to surprise to this day and he set the standard for edgy mega-violence in the horror genre.

Here are our Top 5 Wes Craven Movies (we've leaving out the bad ones and only talking about the good ones, here....)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Top 5 Super Nintendo Games
As much as we all love the latest incarnation of the Sony Playstation or our Xbox, back in the day the Super Nintendo ruled the roost.  Back in the early/mid '90s there was an epic throwdown between video game fans as to what was the best system, the SNES or the Sega Genesis.    Which were you a fan of?   Or were you one of those gamers that had a preference.

We here at leaned toward the SNES and here is a list of our Top 5 favorite Super Nintendo (SNES) games....

StarFox SNES Game
Inspired by a love of the '60s British television series Thunderbirds!,  Starfox featured a fox spaceship flying hero named "Fox McCloud," who along with his band of friends/animals must battle the dark forces of Andross and save their home world of Corneria.     While many have exclaimed that Starfox was the first 3D video game for Nintendo, in fact, it actually wasn't.   That title was bestowed to the game "X" which was released the year before Starfox in 1992.    But the distinction that fans of Starfox can revel in is the fact that the game was another first for Nintendo.   It  was the first home system video game to employ 3D polygon graphics in its user interface.  This gave Starfox a very unique feel to it as well as a look that when the game was promoted heavily across various television outlets in the early 90's highlighted.   The game became a mega-success for Nintendo thanks to its innovation design as well as through its heavy marketing, in fact, it became one of Nintendo's best sellers of all time.

Super Mario World SNES
Arguably the most difficult Mario game ever released by Nintendo.   Also known, in some circles, as Super Mario Bros. 4, Super Mario World  saw Mario and Luigi setting out to save Dinosaur Island.  The game was more of a challenge than any of the previous Mario games to be released by the video game system.    And while most remember the game today because of how it marks the first appearance of Yoshi (and that damn tongue), the game was a massive success for Nintendo eventually resulting in it being re-released as many as four times in the following years after the SNES disappeared off the shelves.  Most recently it was released for the slowly fading Nintendo Wii system.  

Legend of Zelda A link to the past SNES
Who doesn't love Link, right?    Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was the third Zelda release at the time of it's unveiling for the Super Nintendo System in 1991.   In the game, Link's goal was to save Hyrule and destroy Ganon.   Importantly, A Link to the Past was the first Zelda game to re-imagine the format and game play interface that had been so frustrating to fans and game players of the original Zelda on Nintendo a few years prior.   In addition, the idea of Link being able to skirt across alternate worlds was first introduced in A Link to the Past.    The game was a huge success for NES that it, like Super Mario World, would be released in the wake of the death of the SNES across the game systems that would follow like the Wii, 3DS, and the Game Boy systems.

Super Metroid SNES Top 5 games
Certainly, and old school Nintendo gamer and fan alike has fond memories of staying up late at night trying to beat the original Metroid on the Nintendo System, but when SNES introduced Super Metroid, shit got real.   Released in 1994 (we remember it coming out earlier than that!),  Super Metroid was supposed to pick up in the wake of Metroid II: Return of Samus.    Super Metroid, unlike the Metroid games to come before it, featured a extreme upgrade on all fronts.  Fans of Metroid were treated to better weapons and a hodge-podge of secret moves.   The game is infamous also, in the circles of die-hard Nintendo nuts, as it was the first Nintendo game for the era to be released on a 24-megabit cartridge.   The game wowed Nintendo fans and video game critics when it was released.  No doubt, this is what garnered it the success it had.

Chrono Trigger SNES Favorite games
Perhaps the most underrated SNES Game that Nintendo ever released for the SNES, and without good reason either, except, that perhaps, video games nearing the mid/late 90's were shifting and there was more interest in first-person shooters as well as fighting games than there was in role-playing adventure in the spirit of The Legend of Zelda.  Released in the Spring of 1995, Chrono Trigger was your basic role-playing adventure but what the game made up for in it's lack of anything that the critics might have had with it was the innovations it had like the elimination of random run-in's with bad guys and much more detailed to scale maps of the worlds in which you were playing in.   There was an element of advanced realism that was brought to the game that no RPG game had ever had before, and this was why, fans of RPG's in the mid/late '90s went crazy for it the incoming-era of shooters like Doom.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Who Was The Best James Bond Ever?

There have been a total of 6 astounding actors portraying the role of James Bond throughout the years. Each of these men brings something unique and intriguing to the table when acting as the popularly-known British spy. Upon reviewing countless articles and enduring way too many late hours of watching each classic movie, I’ve come to the conclusion that Daniel Craig was, in fact, the best James Bond of all time.

My reasoning for this conclusion is quite simple: there’s a certain mysterious persona surrounding Craig that’s not presented in all of the other James Bond actors. I believe this is an extremely important characteristic when playing the role of a slick, top-secret spy. Also, even though he’s more "thuggish" than the traditional Bond is personified as, it’s my opinion that this characteristic intensifies the feeling that Bond’s not a person to mess with and you would have to be crazy to cross him. A spy’s supposed to be tough anyway, right?

Another reason why I feel Craig’s the ultimate Bond is because while he has this tough and mysterious exterior throughout most of the movie, viewers do get a glimpse of his vulnerable side, though this glimpse is as short as it sounds. It shows that he’s a true human being and not some mission-driven machine. I personally respect this being expressed about Bond in the film because it’s a side of him that we have rarely, if ever, seen. This allowed fans to connect with the character much better than if he was portrayed as a heartless super-spy.

Let's move on to the awesome award Craig earned for his role as James Bond. He’s the first ever Bond actor to receive an Empire Award and be nominated for BAFTA award as best actor in a leading role. This accomplishment should prove without a doubt that Craig triumphs over all over Bond actors.

In conclusion, it’s extremely easy to see who the overall contender is in the competition for best Bond. Daniel Craig provided an outstanding performance and strived to personally become the character to the best of his ability. Daniel Craig surpassed all expectations of him for this role. He succeeded in the task of living up to high expectations set by previous James Bond actors beautifully and has set the bar immensely high for aspiring James Bond actors for years to come.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Will Ferrell: A Step Above The Rest

Comedian actor continues to bring laughs to viewers in his films while remembering his humble beginnings.

Will Ferrell first became known to the entertainment industry when he was casted to be on a comedy show 'Saturday Night Live'. He was a member of the show from 1995 until 2002. In the late 90’s, Ferrell and several other up and coming actors – Jack Black, Vince Vaughn, brothers Luke and Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller, and Steve Carell all became known as the 'Frat Pac'k. The name Frat Pack was picked up by media outlets after USA Today used the term in a June 2004 story. Born in Irvine, California, Ferrell never wanted to get into show business, especially after seeing his dad, who was a musician, never have a steady paycheck. After graduating from the USC with a bachelor’s degree in Sports Information, Ferrell knew that his passion wasn't broadcasting. His mother pushed him to pursue doing something that he likes, comedy.

In high school, Ferrell would perform comedy skits over the school’s intercom system, as well as perform them at the school’s talent show. So, Ferrell auditioned for The Groundlings, a comedy group that helped you develop your skills and talents. Ferrell learned how to work on his improvisation skills and soon became to realize just how much he liked to impersonate people. Ferrell soon started getting small roles – Grace Under Fire (tv series), Living Single (tv series) as well as doing commercials and landed a movie role in A Bucket of Blood. Things were starting to look up for Ferrell even the more and by the year 1994, Ferrell had gotten a spot on The Groundlings. Then an even bigger opportunity rose to Ferrell when he auditioned for SNL’s where he was able to land a spot on the show and was there from 1995 – 2002. During his seven years Ferrell did very good impersonations of US President George W. Bush, Cuban President Fidel Castro as well as Jeopardy game show host Alex Trebek and many more. Ferrell did many skits for SNL – Family Portrait and Pace: The Infinite Frontier. 

Ferrell started getting bigger roles and starring in other major films such as Zoolander, Dick, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and The Ladies Man. Ferrell was able to create memorable moments throughout all ends of the spectrum from dead pan to manic. Ferrell is an American symbol that plays his characters well. Sometimes his characters are macho, overbearing and even Ferrell worked hard at his craft by spending time working to his perfect his comedic skills and impressions on people. The Groundlings taught him to be a very good impressionist as well as build on his techniques that helped him build on his skills also. The basic acting skills that he learned helped him in his professional career to be such successful actor in Hollywood today. 

What makes him so perfect as an American symbol is that all the characters that he plays, he does such a good job at his craft. Sometimes his characters can be overbearing and macho and totally not even aware of what’s going on but he’s hilarious and plays his roles great. He nails his character bringing an A game and he’s clever with his characters leaving viewers laughing for minutes from a scene. Ferrell continues to be one of the funniest actors in film today.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Top 5 Classic Sting Matches of All-Time

Sting has been wrestling with various organizations in different countries since 1985, including 14 years with WCW. In that time he fought in some incredible matches; whether they be fought technically or all-out brawls, solo, or part of a tag team, Sting has established himself to be quite the versatile wrestler. 

With his match against Seth Rollins just 4 days away, we take a look back at his top 5 matches when he wrestled for WCW.

Sting vs Cactus Jack, Beach Blast '92, June 20, 1992
In a "Falls Count Anywhere Match" these two executed some impressive and dangerous moves outside of the ring; things like suplexes, elbow drops, backdrops, and sunset flips. These moves were made more dangerous because of the fact that this match took place before WCW put mats out around their rings. 

Sting's Squadron (Sting, Ricky Steamboat, Barry Windham, Nikita Koloff & Dusty Rhodes) vs The Dangerous Alliance (Steve Austin, Bobby Eaton, Larry Zbyszko, Rick Rude & Arn Anderson), War Games, WrestleWar '92
Any time the topic of best WCW matches comes up, fans will not hesitate to bring up War Games matches. A WarGames match is fought elimination style in a cage surrounded by two rings. Sort of like Hell in a Cell meets the Survivor Series Main Event match, with two rings. This was the second one and it topped the classic first one. Both matches received a rare five star review in Meltzer's Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Sting and Lex Luger vs The Steiner Brothers, SuperBrawl 1, May 19, 1991
One of the best WCW matches that took place in 1991, besides maybe the year's War Games match. As part of a tag team, Sting put together some excellent matches, this being one of them. Proving that Sting does well, not just in solo matches but as part of a tag team. 

Sting vs Vader, Starcade '92
A list featuring the best Sting matches would not be complete without a match involving either Vader or Ric Flair appearing at least once. Sting and Vader had already performed in a tag team match before this, this was one hell of a match. Somehow, these two would fight in a third match on this night. It's pretty impressive that they were able to fight so much in one night. This match was fought to determine the winner of the 1992 “King of Cable” tournament. 

Ric Flair vs Sting, Clash of the Champions 1, March '88
You could do a list of matches featuring these two wrestlers alone. Aired at the same time as WrestleMania IV, wrestling fans who didn't want to spend money on a pay-per-view, could watch "Clash of Champions" for free. This match ended after a 45 minute time limit was reached and resulted in a draw when the judges couldn't name a winner. This match established Sting as a top tier wrestler. Sting and the Nature Boy would go on to fight in many more memorable matches over the years, this one makes the list because it is the one that started off a feud that would last for about 13 years.

There you have it. With someone who's fought in so many classic matches, it's hard to narrow it down to just five. Thank you for reading my list, I hoped you enjoyed it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Top Five Halloween Horror Movies With Christmas Themes

Top 5 Christmas horror movies

Now, we know what you're saying....Why is putting out a list of their Top 5 Halloween Horror Movies with Christmas Themes now in late September 2015?  Shouldn't they be smart and just release it in late October so that it entices those with the Halloween bug in their systems to search these wonderfully gross and bloody Christmas horror movies out?  Heck, they'd be smart too if they released it at Christmas time too, because, that way they'd be able to get the yule tide following with that crowd as well.  Nope, not us.   Nope, we here at do things a little differently from the rest.   We like to be rebellious, in fact, it's in our nature to act such a way.     Now, we also know that people that see this list might wonder about the omission of Gremlins (1984) from such a list.   We know, but we wanted to pick 5 Halloween horror movies with Christmas themes that showcased Santa or one of his helpers in a demented way.   

We don't like our Halloween horror Christmas movies to be nice, cute, and sweet--only scarring the crap out of us after midnight and after they've been had water poured over 'em.   We like our Christmas-themed horror movies bloody and evil.   There, we said it!     Here's our five picks for the best Halloween horror movies that have Christmas themes, bloody rampaging-killer, psycho-on-the-loose-with-an-ax Santa Claus, and supernatural Gothic evil elves that want to taste your blood with their egg nog.  

And while we here at acknowledge that there have literally been dozens and dozens of Christmas-themes horror movies to come out since 2000, we want to keep it old school, the way it should be, and only feature horror movies made in the 1980's--when life was good, Reagan was destroying our country with his trickle-down economics and yearning for redemption for Vietnam.     

And don't worry...We'll come up with another cool list for Halloween time.   Maybe we can do Top Five Halloween horror movies with Thanksgiving themes?

In no particular bloody order.....

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Will Hollywood ever Make an Aquaman Movie?

Ever since Vinny Chase starred as Aquaman in "Entourage," comicbook fans everywhere have wondered: will Hollywood ever make a real Aquaman movie? Or is that scene of an actor playing an actor playing the superhero in an HBO show all we’re going to get? The recent success of comic book-based movies has made the question more relevant than ever. With even obscure superheroes like the Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man starring in major studio movies, now seems like the perfect chance for the King of Atlantis to make his own box office waves. And, based on recent announcements and some Easter egg-style clues, perhaps Warner Brothers is thinking the same thing. An Aquaman movie is closer than ever to reality.

Introduced in 1941's "More Fun Comics #73," Aquaman has been an important member of the DC Universe's stable of heroes. He has had many story lines over the years, including several origin stories and more than one reboot. The original version of Aquaman was a lighter character, wholesome, occasionally the butt of a joke, not nearly as powerful as Superman or some of the other DC heroes. A superhero whose power is the ability to talk to fish? Not exactly flying. But Aquaman showed staying power. During World War II, he battled Nazi U-Boats. In 1956, he got an octopus sidekick named Topo. Aquaman was the son of a famous, but unnamed, underwater explorer, who lived under the ocean in a water-tight house and taught his son how to survive underwater; later he was the son of a lighthouse keeper named Arthur Curry and Atlanna, an outcast from the lost city of Atlantis. In a third origin, Atlanna would go from outcast to queen, and Aquaman's father was a mysterious wizard named Atlan. He was raised by the lighthouse keeper after being discovered, abandoned, on Mercy Reef as a baby. Aquaman has done battle with the Ocean Master, his amnesiac half-brother, with the Black Manta and the Fisherman. He was a founding member of the Justice League of America. In the 90s, he was re-branded as a darker, more brooding character.

Come on, Hollywood! Isn't that enough to work with?

Apparently, it is. There have been a rash of recent announcements concerning Aquaman, all of which point to an upcoming feature film in 2018. Firstly, there was a brief clip in the trailer for "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice," purportedly showing the underwater hero. This has led many fans to believe that Aquaman will make an appearance in the upcoming film, due out in March 2016. Aquaman is also confirmed to appear in the first "Justice League" movie, which’ll be released in 2017.

But what about an Aquaman solo feature? It seems set for 2018. Starring Jason Momoa, who played Khal Drogo in HBO's "Game of Thrones" adaptation, the movie will be directed by James Wan ("Furious Seven," "The Conjuring") and written by Kurt Johnson, who wrote the screenplays for the "300" movie franchise. Unfortunately, that's all we know at the moment. Will the movie be an origin story? If so, which origin will be chosen? Which Aquaman will be featured, the original wholesome character who talked with fish, or the brooding '90s version?

We'll have to wait a few more years to find all this out.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

5 Best Video Games for Atari 2600

Top 5 Atari 2600 Games
It's hard to believe that the video games of today--the amazing graphics, interface, and stories--originally came from a place of low-tech.   If you thought Nintendo was bad with its 8-bit imagery, I bet you'd be dumbfounded when it comes to the early graphics and games of the first mega-success home video game system, the Atari 2600.      If you were a kid that grew up in the late '70s and early '80s, you spent a lot of time down at your local video arcade playing such machines as Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, or Q*bert.    Or, if you were one of the lucky kids--your parents bought you an Atari 2600 in the heat of the Reagan era of trickle-down economics.  

Many will contend that the greatest game that was ever released for the Atari 2600 was 1982's Pitfall made by Activision, and rightly so, perhaps.    But we here at have a different outlook on the games of the Atari 2600 home video game system.  In fact, our picks for the 5 best games released for the machine might cause many to get upset.   Anyhow, here are our picks for the 5 Best Atari 2600 Games and why:

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The 5 Best Chris Farley Movies

Top 5 Chris Farley Movies

Did you know that when Chris Farley died in 1997 he had been recording the voice of Shrek for the movie Shrek--the movie that eventually Mike Myers starred in?   In fact, Farley had almost finished his work on the film, recording approx 90% of his dialogue for the now iconic animated character.   If makes you wonder about how it all would've turned out, doesn't it?

Chris Farley was a comedy genius and with the release of the new documentary I Am Chris Farley in early August 2015, we here at thought that we'd list our favorite Chris Farley movies.  Yes, we know that Farley didn't make that many movies, but everyone is partial to one of his films over the next.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Top 4 Back To School Movies

Some of the best movies ever produced circle around the suffering and distress of attending school. Whether it’s that nerve-racking initial day as a freshman or the bittersweet desire of unreciprocated love, it doesn’t matter. Everyone knows how it feels to be an adolescent and the anguish that comes with not being part of a clique. This is the material that writers and directors live for. They can incorporate danger, fun, and pure romance into a movie that fits the masses.

With that said, here are our top 4 back to school movies that made going to school a bit more, well, let's just say, "interesting".

Michael J. Fox plays the high school nerd, Scott, who just so happens to be a werewolf. He wants to play off his freakish trait and becomes the basketball team's superstar. While his new hero status is great, all he really wants is Pam. Pamela Wells is the love of his life and throughout the movie, Scott has to make a decision. He either keeps impressing everyone else when he’s the wolf or be who he really is, which is what Pam wants. Scott is celebrated more as a novelty and less of a real person, and near the end, he starts to open up his eyes and sees what's going on. This movie brings plenty of laughs, but it also has a good story about trying to fit in when you're so different.

With a cast like Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn playing Beanie and Frank, it's sure to be an awesome and hilarious movie. I mean, who can forget "Frank the Tank" or the famous line, "We're going streaking", seriously, simply funny. The story is based around three men trying to relive their college days. After Mitch finds his wife in a love triangle in their bedroom, he gets a house near the college campus. To keep his expensive house, he turns it into a frat house. The over the top events just roll one after another, and it's a constant frat party to remember. Who can forget when they slam the black van into another car in the supermarket parking lot and kidnap an older man? Poor Frank, he's trying to stay sober, but his friends just won't let him. When there's alcohol involved, anything can happen. 

Who doesn't love Ferris Bueller? He shows us that sometimes the best lessons are the ones we learn outside the classroom. When young Ferris pretends he's sick to skip school, the mayhem is never ending. From attending a game to singing with rock stars on TV, he does everything he can to get under his sister’s skin and the principal’s skin as well. His inventions are ingenious, and this movie plays on everyone's desire to skip school for a day of fun. Who can forget that annoying Principal Ed Rooney? 

When five high school students get stuck in Saturday detention, it's nothing but normal. Each student gets to relieve their version of events from the day. The all-star cast of greats like Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy, and Molly Ringwald make for some impressive acting. These are no students that any teacher would want in their class. Though the movie is 30 years old, it helped to launch the careers of the greats aforementioned. Remember the song "Don't You Forget About Me?" Simple Minds recorded this one-hit-wonder just for this movie. This was the perfect song for this movie to describe how each one of these students got to learn more about each other, and that's something they won't ever forget.

We can learn life lessons through movies. Ferris Bueller taught us how to skip school and get away with everything but murder. Frank "The Tank" showed us in Old School that if you have a drinking problem, staying away from those who drink is advisable. And lastly, Teen Wolf's Scott shows us that just because you're different doesn't mean that you can't be great. Even though they are made for our viewing pleasure, school-based dramas can still educate us on how to have a good time and learn a few cool life lessons.

Friday, September 4, 2015

5 Amazing Sci-Fi TV Shows from the 80's That You Probably Haven't Seen (But Should)

voyagers! tv series

The 80's were a prolific time when it came to genre television.  If you were a science-fiction fan you had something more to look forward to then just Star Trek.  We here at have selected five of our favorite 80's television shows that many consider obscure or not often seen because of the fact that some of them have never been released officially on home video.   You best pop over to YouTube to watch these today!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

TV Show Preview Opinion: Hereo's Reborn

Heroes Reborn will continue the popular story of the show Heroes. The reboot is slated for a 13-episode run this coming fall. Before the show airs, there will be a short digital series that’ll introduce the new characters and their storylines. In the finale of the last season of the original show, an event occurs which causes all the heroes of the world to go into hiding.

This new show will open four years after this event and one year after a terrorist attack in Texas. Our heroes each have a deep personal connection to the tragedy and are out to seek revenge, answers, or just a definite solution to the growing darkness.

There will be plenty of new characters. You’ll meet the vengeance seeking married couple, Luke (Zachary Levi) and Joanne Collins (Judith Shekoni), conspiracy theorists like Quentin Frady (Henry Zebrowski), the blossoming fighter Malina (Danika Yarosh), the shady businesswoman Erica (Rya Kihlstedt), teenager Tommy (Robbie Kay), Tommy’s crush Emily (Gatlin Green), the searching Miko Otomo (Kiki Sukezane), and former soldier Carlos (Ryan Guzman). However, viewers will definitely see several familiar faces such as Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman), Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka), Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg), Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy), The Haitian (Jimmy Jean-Louis), Angela Petrelli (Cristine Rose), and Micah Sanders (Noah Gray-Cabey).

As the star with the most fire-power and popularity, the exact gifts of Zachary Levi’s character are being kept much more a secret than the rest. However, it has definitely been revealed that the actor’s character will have a primary role in the show. And he’s absolutely thrilled to be a part of it. As a huge fan of the first show, he has dreamed of becoming involved in the franchise. Levi is no newbie to NBC. He has already done several jobs for them, the most memorable of which is his famous stint on Chuck. Along with his co-stars on Heroes Reborn, Levi is expected to bring lots of great action and acting.

This series will see our heroes’ face-off against a new foe: The evil Renautas Conglomerate. Our heroes must work together as one to save the impending doom that awaits humanity if Renautus succeeds in its dark plan. Critics say that this current season is just as fascinating and well done as the first season of the original.

So get ready fans, this is sure to be a wild and awesome ride!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The 10 Best Jim Carrey Movies

10 Best Jim Carrey Movies

The 10 Best Jim Carrey Movies

Love him or hate him Jim Carrey is one of the comedic geniuses of our time.    Whether you like him in dramatic roles like The Truman Show or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or in slapstick comedies like Liar Liar or Me, Myself & Irene--you can't deny that Jim Carrey has captured our hearts & minds because he has been able to touch us and make us laugh in the same breath.   

Here are what we think are the 10 Best Jim Carrey Movies....