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Director Uwe Boll talks with TV STORE ONLINE about his 2011 film BLUBBERELLA...

Uwe Boll Blubberella 2011
TV STORE ONLINE:  I know BLUBBERELLA was shot during the shooting of BLOODRAYNE 3 aka BLOODRAYNE: THE THIRD REICH (2011) but could you talk about how you came up with the idea to make a movie that was a spoof of a movie that you were concurrently shooting at the same time?

BOLL:  There are a few background details.  I loved working with Lindsey Hollister on POSTAL (2007).   Her scene in POSTAL is one of my favorite in the movie.   I would meet with her occasionally when I would go out to Los Angeles--so I was looking for something to make that was funny so that I could work with her again.     I've always wanted to do another trashy, absurd, and over-the-top comedy.  The results from POSTAL weren't good enough though.  So it didn't make sense to try to make a POSTAL 2 at the time.   Since we had the "Rayne" character established, I knew that I could fly Lindsey Hollister to Croatia and we could spoof it--shooting both movies at the same time.   I knew that we could do a bunch of improvisation scenes in BLUBBERELLA.   And Lindsey really wanted to do it.

TV STORE ONLINE:  What was it about Lindsey Hollister, as an actress, that you liked so much?

lindsey hollister get smart 2008
BOLL:  She steals scenes.  Look at what she did with Steve Carrell in GET SMART (2008).  I basically thought that she should be a star or that she should be on Saturday Night Live.   She has a presence and I realized this immediately when I worked with her on POSTAL.    She's really funny.  I felt like if I cast her as Rayne that it would be hilarious.    So she and I started writing stuff down.   I couldn't afford to create sets for BLUBBERELLA.  In the end we only created her apartment and the rest of the scenes we shot on the sets for BLOODRAYNE 3 or AUSCHWITZ (2011).     We ran out of time in the shooting of the film.    I couldn't have BLOODRAYNE 3 suffer because of BLUBBERELLA--so we had to balance the shooting out the best we could.   In the end, I had to spend more time shooting BLOODRAYNE 3 than BLUBBERELLA.   Lindsey felt that BLUBBERELLA suffered because of that.   
TV STORE ONLINE:  Do you think it was too ambitious to try to shoot two films at the same time?

bloodrayne the third reich uwe boll
BOLL:  Yep.   It was too hard to do.  I'll never do it again.  And at the same time too, I was also prepping AUSCHWITZ, and that was really where my heart was at that time.   I really wanted to make that movie.   For me, BLUBBERELLA was an add-on.  The results were not good.   No one was happy with it.   It didn't make much money.  I see BLUBBERELLA as being of forty-five hilarious minutes and forty-five absolutely shitty minutes.  It was a failure.   But, in it's way, it is an interesting failure because--for example, you take someone like [actor] Clint Howard...  Clint Howard isn't funny in the way that a Dave Foley or a Larry Thomas is funny.  I mean, he plays these quirky, funny types of guys in the movies he acts in....In the scenes with Clint in BLUBBERELLA he had to have everything scripted out.    Which didn't really fit with the other spontaneous and absurd stuff in the movie.   [Actor] Brandan Fletcher, for example, was really great at pulling stuff out of his ass at any given moment.  He had some really funny scenes in the movie with Lindsey.  Michael Paré too.  He's really funny in BLUBBERELLA.

TV STORE ONLINE: Michael Paré is fun in BLUBBERELLA when he's imitating Marlon Brando and Rod Stieger from ON THE WATERFRONT (1954)...

clint howard blubberella
BOLL:  Yes. [Laughing]

TV STORE ONLINE:   So what are the forty-five minutes that are great and what are the forty-five minutes that are shitty?  For me, BLUBBERELLA plays out as this weird Marx Brothers slapstick thing...

BOLL:  I think it's all spread out over the whole movie.  The action sequences--we didn't have time to do those properly.   In fact, we used some of the action shots from BLOODRAYNE 3 in that final sequence in BLUBBERELLA.    I don't like the romantic stuff with Brandan Fletcher, but that was Lindsey's weakness.  She wanted the love story.  I said, "No you are Blubberella and you are a lonesome rider..."    I liked the stuff in her apartment where I came in as Hitler.    That stuff totally worked for me.

uwe boll hitler blubberella
TV STORE ONLINE:   Your Hitler....Why are Nazi's funny?

BOLL:  They're always funny.    Hitler is always on Family Guy.    I thought it would be funny because of how in POSTAL I played Hitler.   I wanted to come back as him.   When I came into Blubberella's apartment as Hitler--I didn't tell Lindsey what I would do.  I just came at her screaming in German.   I'm not an actor, I can't memorize dialogue--but I can do over-the-top improvisation.  One scene, that I did not think was funny was with the zombie--where they're cutting it up?   I knew that when we were shooting it.  It was just a sort of gory scene in the spirit of Troma.

TV STORE ONLINE:  I thought that was sub-textual because of all the banter about the film critics in that scene....

BOLL:  Yes.

uwe boll blubberella
TV STORE ONLINE:   How much of BLUBBERLLA was scripted out?

BOLL:   We had a treatment.   Some of it was written.  Some of the things--for example, in Blubberella's apartment she had a walk-in fridge.    Some of those things were written down.  Lindsey wrote a lot because she spent so much time in her trailer waiting for me on BLOODRAYNE 3.   One of the scenes that I hate in the movie is the pre-ejaculation scene with Brandan and Lindsey.   I like Michael Paré as Marlon Brando.  I like "Vadge," that William Belli played.  I love all the absurd stuff.   I didn't like the character-building in the movie.  

TV STORE ONLINE:  Nothing seems to be off-limits to you in a sense...POSTAL is so over-the-top, BLUBBERELLA, the same....Is there anything that's off limits to you in regards to your sense of humor with the spoof...

uwe boll postal
BOLL:  No.  Everything that insults, in a way--these ideas of races, religions, nations...If you piss someone off because he thinks that his religion is superior over another's...That's what I like because it's so ridiculous.  My dream, of course, it to have a society were we've left all that behind.  The world, all of us should be working together.  The fact that we're not is totally absurd.     I'm an atheist.    Religion has led us to the most horrific wars.   Still, today, you can't really find many people anywhere that have truly open minds.    It's ridiculous.  

TV STORE ONLINE: Isn't atheism a religion in itself?

BOLL:   Yeah, but it's not fanatical.    If I die, and there is, in fact, a God--then I'll go with it.    If you die and your soul actually goes to Heaven you'll just go along with it.    You don't need religion to be a good human-being.   A lot of really bad people in history have claimed that they're religious.  

TV STORE ONLINE:  Where do you think your comic sensibility comes from?

director uwe boll
BOLL:  I've always loved comedy.  Growing up, I loved the Mel Brooks movies.  I still watch comedies.  A lot of the time you use comedy in desperation to get through life.  For example, when you watch Bill Maher on HBO--when you come to the end of the show where he's doing his ending monologue--there's a desperation there.   You can tell that he's passionate about his ideas but he can't always sell them without the humor.   I decided long ago, that in my life, it's best not to take it all too seriously.  On my sets, we're always making jokes.   I never want to feel like a victim because things don't go my way on the set.   Look at my POSTAL 2 campaign on Kickstarter that I did last year?  It didn't work out, so with 20 days left--I canceled it.

TV STORE ONLINE:  With the release of BLUBBERELLA...Lindsey Hollister spoke very badly of you in a interview in Entertainment Weekly...She said you were crazy that that you exploited her...

BOLL:   It's just what I said before...I think she just felt that I didn't support her over in Croatia.   I couldn't help it.  She was disappointed with how everything came out I think.  I had to make a choice as the Producer of BLOODRAYNE 3.   The results of BLOODRAYNE 3 were very good.  From that film, we re-cooped the money that we spent on BLOODRANYE 3, BLUBBERELLA, and AUSCHWITZ.     BLUBBERELLA barely made over $200,000 dollars.    So I didn't lose money thanks to BLOODRAYNE 3.   As stand-alone productions--the latter two would have been disasters for me financially.  I feel like I know the market.  If Lindsey thought that BLUBBERELLA would have been labeled a cult comedy in the end--I knew that it would not be.   I thought the same about POSTAL and it didn't happen.    She was feeding the expectations of the journalists--who already think that they know who I am and how I work.    That one journalist, in particular, from Entertainment Weekly called me to talk about the movie before that article appeared in the magazine even.

TV STORE ONLINE:  Do articles like that ever help a film?

BOLL:  Not really.  I've had distributors decide not to book my movies because of articles like that one.    I've noticed many times over the last few years that journalists set out at writing something that they think will hinder the results of my movies. 

Interview Conducted By: Justin Bozung

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