Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Honest Interview: Director Uwe Boll on Blubberella

Uwe Boll Director
Director Uwe Boll talks with TV STORE ONLINE about his 2011 film BLUBBERELLA...

Uwe Boll Blubberella 2011
TV STORE ONLINE:  I know BLUBBERELLA was shot during the shooting of BLOODRAYNE 3 aka BLOODRAYNE: THE THIRD REICH (2011) but could you talk about how you came up with the idea to make a movie that was a spoof of a movie that you were concurrently shooting at the same time?

BOLL:  There are a few background details.  I loved working with Lindsey Hollister on POSTAL (2007).   Her scene in POSTAL is one of my favorite in the movie.   I would meet with her occasionally when I would go out to Los Angeles--so I was looking for something to make that was funny so that I could work with her again.     I've always wanted to do another trashy, absurd, and over-the-top comedy.  The results from POSTAL weren't good enough though.  So it didn't make sense to try to make a POSTAL 2 at the time.   Since we had the "Rayne" character established, I knew that I could fly Lindsey Hollister to Croatia and we could spoof it--shooting both movies at the same time.   I knew that we could do a bunch of improvisation scenes in BLUBBERELLA.   And Lindsey really wanted to do it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Exploitation Director Matt Cimber talks about directing Jayne Mansfield in her final film "Single Room Furnished" (1968)

Matt Cimber interview

Director Matt Cimber on working with Janye Mansfield on SINGLE ROOM FURNISHED (1968)...
Jayne Mansfield Single Room Furnished (1968)
TV STORE ONLINE: I took a look at SINGLE ROOM FURNISHED again last week....I was wondering if we could talk about that last sequence in the film with Jayne [Mansfield] in that hauntingly beautiful room with that purple bed...
CIMBER: You know who shot SINGLE ROOM FURNISHED for me? László Kovács. It was the first film that he worked on in the United States. I hadn't met him before. He came from Hungary. He designed the sequence were Jayne is sitting in front of that three-panel mirror. We started over her shoulder and we shot her through all of those panels, and I thought that it was just wonderful because of how it go under the character.
TV STORE ONLINE: Right. If you watch that scene you see a still pop into the film of the mirror cracked for a split second. Was that just a still that you inserted for that?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Academy Award winning composer Bill Conti talks about his music for the film Rocky (1976)

Bill Conti interview, Bill Conti Rocky theme
Academy Award winning film and television composer Bill Conti talks with TV STORE ONLINE about creating the music for ROCKY (1976).
Bill Conti Rocky score, Gonna Fly Now Rocky
TV STORE ONLINE: Before we talk about ROCKY (1976) I was hoping we could chat quickly about your score for Luc Besson's THE BIG BLUE (1988)...
CONTI: Okay, sure.
TV STORE ONLINE: How did that opportunity come to you?
CONTI: Well, that's one of my favorites. It was a emergency. The producer, Jerry Weintraub, bought the film for the American market and he hated the score. He didn't want the previous score that was done for the film in there. I did the same thing for a Mickey Rourke picture called A PRAYER FOR DYING [1987]. The problem with THE BIG BLUE was that it had to be done quickly. I can remember driving down Sunset Boulevard and seeing a billboard for THE BIG BLUE that announced its release date, and I hadn't even started working on the music yet.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Cinematographer Nicholas von Sternberg on Rudy Ray Moore, and schlockmeister Larry Buchanan

nicholas von sternberg interview, larry buchanan interview
Director Of Photography Nicholas von Sternberg talks with TV STORE ONLINE about his work with Rudy Ray Moore and schlockmeister Larry Buchanan.

nick von sternberg director of photography
TV STORE ONLINE:  Before we talk about Larry Buchanan shouldn't we talk about your work with Rudy Ray Moore?

VON STERNBERG:   Certainly...  Rudy gave me my first job as a cameraman.  I was only 21-years-old at the time. It was on DOLEMITE (1974).  Until that time I had a fairly sheltered life--so it was quite an experience to work with Rudy and his team.    

TV STORE ONLINE:  You worked on all of his '70s films in some capacity or another...  My favorite of Rudy's  '70s films is PETEY WHEATSTRAW: THE DEVILS SON-IN-LAW (1979)--because it's so visual and dreamy...