Friday, July 11, 2014

Stuart Whitman on Norman Mailer's An American Dream (1966)

Actor Stuart Whitman gives us a couple minutes about the shooting of AN AMERICAN DREAM (1966), a film directed by Norman Gist based on a novel by writer Norman Mailer...

TV STORE ONLINE:  What can you tell me about shooting AN AMERICAN DREAM (1966)?

WHITMAN:  That was a long time ago...Let's see if I can pull it up on my memory banks here....That was with Janet Leigh and Eleanor Parker..

TV STORE ONLINE:  Right, and Murray Hamilton, Les Crane and Barry Sullivan...

WHITMAN:  That's right.  With Eleanor Parker...I remember there was a nudity shot that was to come at the beginning of the picture and she was very touchy about that, she didn't want to do it and she tried talking the director out of doing the shot.  She said, "Okay...I'll do it.  Give me ten minutes to get ready."  She came out and she was really nervous about it because she didn't feel like she had big enough bosoms...The director said, "Don't worry...We'll shoot you from the back."   You know, you have me thinking about this now and I don't even think that I saw the the film once it was finished.

TV STORE ONLINE:  Where did you shoot the movie?

WHITMAN:  We shot on a soundstage at Warner Brothers.  I remember that it was based on a book by Norman Mailer.

TV STORE ONLINE:  Did you ever meet with Norman Mailer about the book or the character?

WHITMAN:  Well, my agent sent me the script but I had never read the book, but I went over to Warners and I met with Norman.  I thought that I should probably read the book.   I thought Norman was very brash and cocky and I showed him that side of me at the meeting as well.

Interview Conducted By: Justin Bozung