Dick Warlock talks about Halloween 3: Season Of The Witch

Legendary Stunt Man Dick Warlock talks with TV STORE ONLINE about his role in HALLOWEEN 3: SEASON OF THE WITCH (1983)

TV STORE ONLINE:  You had worked on ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK (1981) and HALLOWEEN II (1981) with Debra Hill and John Carpenter....

WARLOCK:  Right, and they asked me to be the Stunt Coordinator on HALLOWEEN II and then I was asked by John to play Michael Myers and one of the cops.  When it came time to shoot HALLOWEEN III they invited me back to work with them again.

TV STORE ONLINE:  Right, and in HALLOWEEN III you have a more prominent role as an actor...

WARLOCK:   That's right.  I play the "Assassin" in the film...

TV STORE ONLINE:   Had [Director] Tommy Lee Wallace had you mind for that role in the film or did you play that part just because they needed someone for it...

WARLOCK:  You know, I'm not sure. I'll have to ask Tommy that the next time I see him.   It was probably because I was there and they needed someone for that role...Tommy and Debra had both expressed to me how happy they were with the work that I had done for them, so it probably just came out of that.

TV STORE ONLINE:  Going in to HALLOWEEN 3....Did you get to read the script prior to shooting?

WARLOCK:  Yes, I did.   I worked on the film as the Stunt Coordinator.  Not every stunt guy that works on a picture gets to read the script before hand though.   It was important for me to read it because we had to break it down.  You have to work with the prop department so you can put together the things you need, and then you take a look and see where a double may be needed as well.

TV STORE ONLINE:   The Assassin is such a memorable character in H3....Did you put any thought into playing him past what Tommy Lee Wallace might have given you direction wise?

WARLOCK: Well, it wasn't method acting...laughing    People will ask me often how I came up with the way that Michael Myers walks in HALLOWEEN 2, and that came about because I had remembered how Nick Castle had gotten up in that scene in HALLOWEEN (1978) where he was laying down by the side of the bed...Do you remember that scene?

TV STORE ONLINE:  Of course...

WARLOCK:   That was really mechanical of Nick.   So when I played Michael Myers in HALLOWEEN 2 I just tried to carry on what Nick had done in the first film.  When George Wilbur played Michael Myers later one in the franchise...I asked him, "Didn't you see Part 1 or Part 2?"  He said, "I don't care how you guys played him in those..." As for the Assassin, I didn't know that was what the character was called as we were shooting the film.    I just knew that he was a robot, and I just considered him to be a sort of Michael Myers without the mask on.

TV STORE ONLINE:  When the Assassin dies in HALLOWEEN 3 he has a strange orange liquid come out of his mouth...

WARLOCK:  Oh, that's a  secret!  I can't tell you what that was...


WARLOCK:  No, I'm only joking.  I tell that to kids that come up to me at these horror conventions who want to talk about H3 with me....I ask these kids at these conventions if they can guess what that liquid was, and only one person has ever guessed right!  Can you guess what it was?

TV STORE ONLINE:  I've always wondered if it was Tang or something like that?

WARLOCK:  That's very close.  What it was...It was frozen Orange Juice Concentrate.   Right before we started rolling someone opened up a can of frozen concentrate and I put it in my mouth and then I spit it back out!

TV STORE ONLINE:   Playing the Assassin in Halloween 3....Did it give you the acting bug?  You'd done so much stunt work up to that point, but getting a chance to bring a character to life...Does it give you a desire to do more acting?

WARLOCK:  Over the years I've done bit parts in all kinds of things...Initially I think that I would've liked to done more of that, but over the years I've come to realize that I suck as an actor.  I just don't think I'm believable as an actor...laughing

TV STORE ONLINE:  You've worked on so many incredible films as a stunt man....Hollywood doesn't seem to give the stunt man as much respect or acknowledgement as he deserves... Do you agree?

WARLOCK:  I don't know...When I first started in the business, it was very hush-hush.  Actors would go on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson to talk about their movies and if someone would point out a stunt they'd take credit for it as if they did it.  We accepted that.  We never tried to upstage the actor.   That changed when Hal Needham made HOOPER (1978).   Before HOOPER, Hal had been the loudest voice about not wanting the tricks of the trade to be known, but when he made that film he really put all of that out in front for everyone to see.  I don't really feed on praise if that is what you're asking, but it is nice sometimes to be recognized for your work.

TV STORE ONLINE:  Speaking of Hal Needham....He branched out to direct a film, and so did stuntman Chuck Bail...Did you ever want to branch out and try your hand at directing?

WARLOCK:  Not really.  I didn't really have a desire to do that.   I've done a bit of Second Unit directing on a few things under the table, but that's enough for me.   I don't really have the ego that one needs to be a director.

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