INTERVIEW: Angeline-Rose Troy talks about 2011's INSIGHT and Marilyn Monroe

TV STORE ONLINE:   We're huge fans of Richard Gabai and you started to work with him on his film INSIGHT (2011)...How did that opportunity come to you?

TROY:  Well, I was in college back east and I had heard that Richard was casting for INSIGHT.  So I flew out to Los Angeles and auditioned for him.   I got the role of "Allison", then I went back to college, took my finals, graduated, and the following week I was back out in Los Angeles shooting.    It was amazing to get the opportunity to work with Richard and Christopher Lloyd and all of the other actors who up until that point I had only seen on television.

TV STORE ONLINE:   The character of Allison that you play in INSIGHT has a very Marilyn Monroe like quality to her...

TROY:   Yeah.  I was really in awe of her when I was growing up.   I used to read about her and what happened to her and how smart she was.  I really thought about her when I was playing Allison because she was just this girl that got taken advantage and maybe she knew that but it ended very badly for both Marilyn Monroe and Allison.

TV STORE ONLINE:  What do you think it was about Marilyn Monroe?She has that "It" factor to her...

TROY:   Well, I think there was a sweetness to her and a twinkle in her eye.   There's something that comes through her soul and you can't buy that or make that.   Everyone wanted  a piece of her and I think that's because she was just this beautiful soul.

TV STORE ONLINE:   In regards to INSIGHT..Emulating Marilyn Monroe, was that something that you and Richard Gabai talked about before you started shooting?

TROY:  Richard and I really talked about who she was.   I think it was important that Allison had a rich backstory and we really wanted the audience to empathize with her too.    But she was also the girl next door and she was someone who had just made a bad decision.   She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

TV STORE ONLINE:   Knowing what we know today about Marilyn....Has any of that changed for young actresses in Hollywood trying to work?   Have you experienced any of those same sexual bias' as  a young actress in the same industry that Marilyn worked in all these years?

TROY:  I think it has changed but it hasn't.   I think a lot of times people think that a young woman doesn't have a good head on their shoulders or  decent morals.    Because of that, people try to see what they can get away with.  But if you know yourself and stick to your beliefs, then I think an actress has a much better shot at avoiding any of those situations.    I started out acting and modeling at a very early age and at a point I decided to stop modeling because as I got older it became obvious to me that it wasn't something that I wanted for the rest of my childhood.  There was that person that thought that they could get away with saying things to a young girl because they thought that they could get away with it.     I see that now too, but I think because I've seen that before, I know how to react to it.  

TV STORE ONLINE:  Does an interest in Marilyn Monroe go back to when you first developed an interest in acting  as  a kid?

TROY:   I think my interest in acting actually developed out of my love for the stage.  When I was a little kid, my parents wouldn't let me watch television.  I was allowed to watch movies on VHS and I could go to the theatre.  I think I was four years old when my parents took me to see Mary Martin on her comeback tour of Peter Pan.  I can remember that we were sitting in like the third row and there was a moment when she flies out over the audience on two wires and I can remember looking up at her as she flew over us and as she was going over us she looked down at me and there was something about that connection that made me what to be up on stage, singing and performing and making people in the audience feel just as she had made me feel on that night.

TV STORE ONLINE:  What are some of your favorite movies today and how have they influenced you?

TROY:  Well, BIG FISH (2003) is one of my favorites.   There's something so magical about that world that was created and to me that is what acting is all about.   I watch the film over and over.  

TV STORE ONLINE:   What about EVER LAST (2012)....How did that project come to you?

TROY:   That was my very first producing project.  I had just graduated from college and I was very good friends with the writer and director.   We were about to start shooting when the producer dropped out, and took all of her notes with her.   The director wanted to pull the plug but I was really adamant about keeping up this momentum that I had going after college, and  I really liked the character because she is such a strong female character so I said that I would produce the film.   The director said, "Have you ever produced anything?"  I said, "No, but let me try!"   So it was quite a undertaking and there was quite the learning curve but we made it work.

TV STORE ONLINE:   What were some the obstacles that you had to endure serving as lead actress and producer on EVER LAST?

TROY:   I would be shooting and then I'd have to run over to my cell phone and confirm a location for the next days shooting or I'd have to get the sizes for an actors wardrobe, then shut all that down go back get into character and start shooting again.   

TV STORE ONLINE:   What can you say about MY FAVORITE FIVE (2014)?

TROY:   We'll be shooting that in early Jan. 2014. It's about this girl whose dating life isn't really working.  So she decides that she needs five men in her life and these five men represent the five reasons why a girl needs a man. One guy has big muscles and he's the protector and he wards off any other guys that try to hit on her. One has money and flies her to Paris and takes her on shopping sprees.  Another one happens to be very good in bed.   It's a very cute story and I play her best friend who happens to think that what she's doing is absolutely crazy.

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