Friday, December 6, 2013

TV STORE ONLINE speaks with actress Sherilyn Fenn from the television series Twin Peaks

TV STORE ONLINE speaks with actress Sherilyn Fenn from the television series Twin Peaks and such films as THE WRAITH, BOXING HELENA, THE WILD LIFE, and JUST ONE OF THE GUYS.

TV STORE ONLINE: What were you like as a kid? What was your childhood like growing up in Detroit?

FENN:  I guess I was like most kids. Playing dress up, school in basements, etc. But I moved around a lot because my mother got married a few times. So i often times was "the new girl" which was no fun. 

TV STORE ONLINE:  We had no clue you were related to musician Suzi Quatro. As a kid did you ever go on tour and what musicians did you meet?

FENN:  I had little to nothing to do with my aunt. She moved to London. But my father managed Alice Cooper, so I met him as a child.

TV STORE ONLINE: How did you transition into acting? Was it something natural for you?
FENN:  No acting was not natural for me. I have no desire to be stared at. I have not and may never do theater for that reason. It became appealing as a great teacher Roy London taught me that it could be used as a form of therapy to look at things in my life. To illuminate my human struggle. And if I did so honestly, others would be touched/moved emotionally to look at themselves.

TV STORE ONLINE:  One of our favorite films actually is THE WRAITH (1986). How did you get involved in that project?

FENN:  I just auditioned as is often the case. It is NOT a favorite of mine. Charlie Sheen was high most of the shoot. Poor guy, it seems like little has changed for him in his life. And the director was a bozo who had no idea what he was doing.

TV STORE ONLINE:  All these years later, of those early B-films you did... Do you go back and watch them, and do you have a favorite?

FENN: I almost NEVER watch my own work. I wouldn't want to and am not objective enough to do so. I live with know?

TV STORE ONLINE: I read once where you said that your performance in TWO MOON JUNCTION (1988) made you uncomfortable....Looking back, are you still uncomfortable with all these years later?

FENN:  I was never uncomfortable with the performance per say, just the fact that the director and I seemed to be making two different films. That nudity out shines anything one tries to do. Especially in America.

TV STORE ONLINE: I read online that over the course of your career that you've felt like you did a lot of films for the sake of doing work? Looking back how do you feel about doing films like MERIDIAN (1990) and JUST ONE OF THE GUYS (1985)?

FENN:  You mention such old films. MERIDIAN was my trip to Italy. That is all. JUST ONE OF THE GUYS, seemed to be a break at the time. I liked doing it. But again, I was what???? Twenty???? Not even. It is just a young fun film. I did not do The NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET films of the 80's, I did the boy meets girl or in this case boy meets boy who turns out to be girl... 

TV STORE ONLINE:  How did you get cast in Twin Peaks (1990-91)? In retrospect, did you know that all these years later that it would be considered one of the greatest television shows in the history of the medium?

FENN:  David brought a few of us in based on our pictures. He never read anyone. It was a meeting. I was told a few weeks later he was writing a part for me in the show. Audrey was not in the pilot script. He wrote her for me! So amazing.... I was ecstatic. And NO, I was the last one to have guessed it would have done what it did. And most importantly, has stood the test of time.

TV STORE ONLINE:  What is one thing that you learned from David Lynch as a director?

FENN: Perfection and abstraction. He brings you into his world. Subtly and with love and a great passion for telling a story. I love, love, love him...

TV STORE ONLINE:  Why didn't you appear in TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME (1992)?

FENN:  I was already cast and in rehearsal process of OF MICE AND MEN (1992) with Gary Sinise and John Malkovich. David was none too happy but the schedules could not be worked out. I also personally was not SO into that story....

TV STORE ONLINE:  Why did you ultimately decide to do Playboy coming off the heels of Twin Peaks? And was there ever any concerns that it might hurt your career?

FENN:  Not at all. I wanted to shoot beautiful, artistic pictures and I did. I had complete control and did it how I wanted. At first Playboy said they were too artistic and I said fine, then don't print them. But they did. Only in America must one worry about taking nice nudes. Italian Vogue has nudes for goodness sakes. To thine own self be true.

TV STORE ONLINE:  I read online someplace that you at one point were going to be cast as "Barbarella" in the remake of the 1967 Roger Vadim film. What happened with that project?

FENN:  That is sweet of you, but it is completely untrue. Sorry.
TV STORE ONLINE: How did you get involved in BOXING HELENA (1993)?

FENN:  Read the script, threw it across the room because HELENA scared me and I knew I had to do the role. Met with Jennifer Lynch one of the wisest woman in my life and jumped on board. No regrets.

TV STORE ONLINE:  How do you feel about that film now?

FENN: I love the movie. I love that a woman wrote it at 19 years old. And I understand most do not understand it. It is a film that one does not forget and evokes a strong response. Love or hate. The tone I believe is sometimes off but overall I am proud of it.

TV STORE ONLINE:  What were some of the major differences between being directed by David Lynch and his daughter Jennifer? 

FENN:  One is a man, one is a woman. David says that Jennifer did a good job of raising HIM...laughing She is a jewel, a real gem. 

TV STORE ONLINE:  You're a director now... How easy was that to transition into? Was it something you'd been taught to do over the years working with so many great filmmakers?

FENN:  I only directed an unfinished documentary. So until I really complete something I cannot call myself that. Although after working twenty-five years in Hollywood there are a few times one must direct themselves so I guess in that way I am...behind the scenes anyway. And yes, of course one learns most from great filmmakers AND great actors too. But at the end of the day it is the extent to which you are willing to reveal your soul that makes you a great storyteller or not.

TV STORE ONLINE: Over the course of your career, do you feel like you were considered an under-rated actress? In the sense that you weren't cast in stronger leading roles in bigger projects? But should have been?

FENN:  I am sure there were moments that my ego thought that. But I am thankful for my life, my success, and even my seeming failures. Life is a gift and I have had a really good one. 

TV STORE ONLINE: What are your plans for the future?

FENN:  You should ask the future what its plans for me are. That is really how it works after all. But people can go to my blog and continue the ride if they

TV STORE ONLINE: What is one thing no-one knows about you?

FENN:  That I really am still getting to know myself and will be until I take my final breath.