Vote For Your Favorite Designer In Our 'Design A Jason Hockey Mask' Charity Fundraiser

Well kiddies....It's time to pick a winner for the TV STORE ONLINE Design A Jason Hockey Mask Charity Contest &  Fundraiser!!!  Below are ten custom made one-of-a-kind Jason Voorhees inspired hockey mask pieces of art.   Artists were sent a Jason hockey mask and asked to paint, re-design, sculpt, or mash-up a symbol of Halloween, horror movies and monsters.       TV STORE ONLINE enlisted the help of a wonderful group of amazing artists, all of which, we're sure that you are familiar with.    This year, cast members from the Friday The 13th film franchise contributed designs as well as several amazing and talented contestants of the past seasons of the hit SyFy Channel television series Face Off.       In this first phase, TV STORE ONLINE is asking YOU to vote for your favorite design.  All you need to do is click on the voting button below each design.  You can vote:  one time each day only.    The design that earns the most votes will be awarded the TV STORE ONLINE best in show and earn a cast prize of $500.00 dollars!!!

When the voting ends on November 20th 2013, TV STORE ONLINE will be auctioning all of these incredible one-of-a-kind Jason inspired pieces of art on Ebay100% percent of all the proceeds will be going to Toys For Tots to help kids this holiday season.   Happy Voting and Happy Bidding.   Help TV STORE ONLINE help those in need this Christmas...


Ari Lehman
Currently residing in Chicago, actor and musician Ari Lehman first got his start as a fourteen year old kid when creator of the Friday The 13th film franchise, Sean S. Cunningham, cast him as the "Young Jason Voorhees" who jumps out of Crystal Lake at the end of the original 1980 film Friday The 13th.   Today, Lehman continues to act, as well as front the hard-rocking Jason Voorhees inspired metal/funk band, First Jason.  Their first album Jason Is Watching! is available from  Please visit Ari's website for updates on First Jason tour dates.   Ebay Auction HERE:

Designer: Ari Lehman

Joel Robinson
Joel Robinson is an American horror artist specializing in character portraits. Being a classically trained artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Joel uses traditional techniques and current technology to bring a new take on horror to his audience. He is best known for using vibrant colors to illuminate the darkest of subject matters. Joel’s clientele includes such horror greats as George A. Romero, Malcolm McDowell, Michael Rooker, Dee Wallace, Danielle Harris, and Kane Hodder among others.

He grew up on horror, loving Famous Monsters of Filmland and the great VHS slasher hits from the 80s. Bringing together his lifelong love for horror and his passion for art, Joel is now a frequent guest at Horror Conventions across the United States. He also works regularly as a staff artist for HorrorHound Magazine and made his HorrorHound cover debuts for the Special March and May/June Issue #29 in 2011. Joel's Vincent Price artwork can be seen on the blu-ray release of The Vincent Price Collection released by Shout! Factory in 2013.

Check out  to see all of Joel’s latest works, what he has been up to, and the stops on his latest tour! Joel's art has been featured on, cable channels G4 & SyFy Network, AMC, TCN,, HorrorHound and Rue Morgue Magazine.  Ebay Auction HERE

Designer: Joel Robinson

Roy Wooley
Roy Wooley is a special effects makeup artist with more than 20 years of experience. He grew up in Alabama where his father was a coal miner and a preacher who hoped his son would choose a similarly stable profession. But after Roy snuck in to see An American Werewolf in London, he fell in love with special effects makeup and the creation of characters. Roy's mother has always been one of his biggest supporters; she put up with monsters lurking around her house for many years. Since there weren't any FX schools for Roy to attend, he relied on tutorial videos, books and his innate artistic talent to develop his craft.
When Roy moved to Georgia in 1998, he took a job at Netherworld Haunted House where he established and now runs the makeup department. 

He works year-round on feature films while doing creature fabrication for Netherworld, which has become one of the country's leading haunted attractions. In August 2012, he began competing on SyFy's special effects competition show Face Off. His creations quickly became fan favorites, and he even earned a permanent spot in the Star Wars universe when he co-created a creature for the Mos Eisley cantina during his first spotlight challenge. Official Website:     Ebay Auction HERE

Designer: Roy Wooley

Lydia Burris
Lydia Burris makes art that confuses people. She was raised by trees, and was fed a steady diet of horror and fantasy movies as a child. Burris is always looking for a way to bridge the gap between concepts; Fine Art and Illustration,  Abstract and realism, light and dark, humor and stark seriousness. Burris is a mid western girl, but has lived in England for 14 months in order to get an international Masters of Fine Art degree. Lydia Burris never wants to stay the same as an artist - she is always trying to grow, improve and try new methods. To Burris, art is not a business - it is a way of life, a journey, and a path that almost always leads toward a darker realm.  Official Website:   Ebay Auction HERE

Designer: Lydia Burris

Tommy Pietch
Tommy Pietch is a young makeup artist from Ohio fighting his way to the top in Los Angeles. In the past year, he has competed on Season 3 of the hit SyFy Channel television series  Face Off, began his professional career in special effects working with Lance Hendrickson (Aliens), Adelade Kane ( The Purge) , and returning cast members from all the seasons of Star Trek for the feature length pilot Star Trek: Renegade. Pietch also founded a new artist community for theatrics and tutorial   As a self taught artist from the mid west, Pietch is a true monster in the industry and looks to the future as he plans to bring imagination back to the eyes of youngsters with his newest creations inspired by Jim Henson's work.  Ebay Auction HERE

Designer: Tommy Pietch

David Katims
Raised in Hawaii and California by a mother with a background in acting, Katims attended UC Berkeley and UCLA after high school.  While in college Katims took up acting.  Katims landed a role on the ABC soap opera General Hospital and later on was cast in 1982 in the role of "Chuck the Stoner" in the Steve Miner directed Friday The 13th Part III 3-D.   Katims moved away from the film industry in 1995 to be close to his family.  Currently, Katims is a stand up comic in the Seattle, Washington area and enjoys a career as a radio station sales and marketing rep for Entercom Radio. Ebay Auction HERE and HERE

Designer: David Katims

Nate Miliner
Nathan Thomas Milliner was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky.  After seeing the 1989 film "Batman", Nate decided he wanted to make comic books and after 14 years of studying the medium he finally made his dream come true when his crime saga "The Malevolent" made it's debut in the pages of "Feral Comix Presents #1" in 2003.  In 2006, Nate began publishing his own set of graphic novels for "The Malevolent" series to rave reviews.  In 2007, Nate published his first horror comic, "Girl Number Three" which was soon being adapted to film by a local filmmaker, Herschel Zahnd III, who believed it to be "one of the best horror stories I've ever read."  The film was released in 2009.  During all of this, Nate was also able to fulfill yet another lifelong dream of working in the horror genre when he became a staff artist and writer for Horrorhound Magazine, producing two covers for the publication in 2009, one of which earned him a Rondo Award nomination in which he took second runner up honors.

In 2012 Nathan was tapped by Shout! Factory to be the premiere artist on their new sister label "SCREAM! FACTORY" and commissioned him to provide original artwork for the Dvd/Blu-ray special editions of Halloween II, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, The Funhouse, Terror Train, Deadly Blessing, The Burning and The Howling.  Nathan has recently published Volume One of his Monsters and Madmen art book series--his first art book.  And he has just finished writing and directing his first directorial effort with the film "A Wish for the Dead" set for release in Summer 2013.  Nate lives in Kentucky with his wife Brenda and their daughter Lily.  Website:  Ebay Auction HERE

Designer: Nate Miliner

Derek Garcia
Derek and his twin brother Eric Garcia grew up loving Halloween and as kids they were influenced by their father and his stories of how he would make his own Halloween costumes. Growing up near Universal Studios and seeing the live "Horror Makeup Show" helped them further develop their interest in movie FX makeup. With expertise in airbrushing, painting, sculpting and concept design, Derek and Eric have worked alongside each other on numerous projects including: Work at Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights, Grinchmas, and the Beetlejuce Graveyard Review live stage show in Orlando Florida. Derek has gone to also work at Horror Nights at Europa Park in Germany, as well as on several television series and commercials shot around Miami like: Burn Notice, The Glades, and Graceland. Derek and his brother were both contestants on Season 3 of the hit SyFy Channel series Face Off, were Derek finished as a finalist.  Ebay Auction HERE

Designer: Derek Garcia

Tom Devlin
One can easily look at the artwork that covers Tom's arms and realize that this guy has an obsession with creatures and dead things. He has a passion for gore that began as a child when he would make two rounds of the neighborhood on Halloween, one in make-up and another in a mask. His love of Halloween and horror movies combined with his talent in high school art classes quickly began to shape his future. Knowing this, his teachers helped him to get out of school early so that he could move to Hollywood and get the ball rolling. The journey began at Joe Blasco's make-up school. Here Tom studied beauty and character make-ups. Feeling confident in his knowledge and eager to head out into the world. he decided not to continue with school and went in search of work. 

His first break came when he landed a job at Matthew Mungle's shop WM Creations. Here Tom worked on several feature films such as The Scorpion King, Red Dragon and Daredevil and TV series like CSI Miami and The X-Files for which they were nominated for an Emmy. A longing to be his own boss and armed with a good list of credits, Tom decided in 2002 that the time had come to make a name for himself. 1313fx was born. As 1313fx, Tom has worked as Key Special Makeup FX or Special Makeup FX Supervisor on over 50 independent feature films.  Website:   Ebay Auction HERE

Designer: Tom Devlin

Cody Snyder
Hailing from Upstate New York, Cody Snyder is an artist with a fondness for all things creepy and weird, and his work often tends to show it. From music to screenwriting, filmmaking and set design, his most recent passion has been for sculpting and prop work. Creation in any and all forms is a necessity, and for Cody, there is no end in sight.   Follow Cody here:
Ebay Auction HERE

Designer: Cody Snyder

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