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Interview: Troma's Lloyd Kaufman talks with TV STORE ONLINE about The Toxic Avenger and the state of the Hollywood remake

Troma's own Lloyd Kaufman talks about The Toxic Avenger, Poultrygeist, Return Of The Class Of Nuke'Em High, Stan Brakhage and the state of the Hollywood remake with TV STORE ONLINE.

TV STORE ONLINE: Lloyd how are you doing?! I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to give me this interview. I've been a huge fan since I was basically sucking on my mom's tit!

KAUFMAN:  Ha! Thanks for being interested... You can suck on my tits anytime you want! The older I get...I'm starting to get pretty nice man tits! When my wife and I had our first child... My wife was breast feeding. I tried to put the baby on my breast and it went for it! Then it screamed "Ahhhh!" and rejected it.

TV STORE ONLINE: Doesn't that cause possible complications in the female to child rearing process?

KAUFMAN:  Well, I have four kids and that is the only one of them that is in jail!

TV STORE ONLINE: POULTRYGEIST (2006) is one of the greatest cult films of recent years. The ending with the stock Troma car flip is the best. However, I've always wanted to know since you've used that in so many of your films... Where in the hell did that footage originate from exactly?

KAUFMAN: That's a good question. That footage was shot originally for SGT. KABUKIMAN N.Y.P.D (1990). We shot it for KABUKIMAN first and the stunt actually looked good. The stunt men actually did what they said they were gonna do. The only fly in the ointment was that the guy driving the car, took it on the ramp faster than planned and the car flew faster and came really close to the camera I was using. When we do stunts, I'll usually do the camera work, simply because in a danger situation if someone is gonna get hurt, I'd rather it be me. The car came so close to the camera, that I really thought when the car came down that I had missed the shot. I thought my inner soul left the state of New Jersey and when down to Mexico. That car looked just like it was gonna come down on me as I was standing there. But I must have stood there cause I got the shot and it was perfect. In fact, other movies have asked to use that footage cause it's a great shot, and also as a homage to Troma. In fact MTV just called up and said that they wanted to use it as well.

TV STORE ONLINE: Do we know how many films the footage has actually be used in?

KAUFMAN: Well, we aren't keeping track, but I know I've used it for sure in at least six films that I've directed. I've given it to some other companies to use, we've even given it to some student filmmakers to use for free. You will see it from time to time in other films to this day as well.

TV STORE ONLINE: Did you always plan to finish off the characters in POULTRYGEIST or was there a alternate ending?

KAUFMAN: Well, we always planned to kill them off. But the car flip wasn't the first thought on how to do it. Then it was just too perfect. I didn't wanna use it at first, cause I thought everyone was gonna expect it, so I thought, let's NOT put it in. Then we just decided it was just too perfect NOT to use it. And because it comes at the ending, people have pretty much given up on seeing the car flip, so I figured it could get the audience's wheels spinning, giving them a surprise. It's the perfect place for it in the film. A lot of people have never seen the car flip, so it's exciting on that level, but for those who have seen it, it's makes them even happier.

TV STORE ONLINE: Do you feel the VHS boom and the Pay Cable empire of the 80's and 90's was an important aspect to your success over the years? With it gone, how has Troma been able to continue on with its success?

KAUFMAN: The playing field has altered. Back then, if you have something that the public wanted to see - the conditions were fair enough. You could get your movie to the public. Around 1990, two things happened. First, in the late 80's Ronald Reagan got rid of the rule which prevented movie studios from owning movie theaters. Then Bill Clinton, got rid of the financial syndication rule. So he got a lot of money from those media companies and he got rid of the F.C.C rule, which stopped the networks and the stations from being consolidated. Also, from owning the content. When that happened -- HBO, CBS, NBC, Showtime could all be a little club with each other and own the movies they were showing, and they could sell their content back and worth between each other. The old rule, used to mandate that those companies had to buy 35% of their content from independent companies. So when those went away, that was the end of Troma on television cause then they could make their crappy reality shows, crappy sci-fi movies, and their piece of shit Lifetime movies. 

SyFy Channel is owned by NBC Universal. HBO makes it's own movies now. So those companies only buy from the majors now. Troma is blacklisted from American television. CANNIBAL THE MUSICAL (1993) has never been shown on television, even though it has sold hundreds of thousands of home video units. CANNIBAL THE MUSICAL contains no nudity, and it's made by the South Park guys, so why hasn't it ever been thought that putting the movie on Comedy Central wouldn't be a huge success because of South Park. Because it's Troma or independent -- they won't touch it. It's a ridiculous situation.

TV STORE ONLINE: With THE TOXIC AVENGER (1984)...How long did it take you from start to finish to create that character, write the script, and get it committed to film?

KAUFMAN: It took about a year to come up with concept. We were making raunchy comedies. We got in early on those and were making those before PORKY'S (1982) came along. The studios started making these movies as well, using good actors and good scripts. So we saw something in Variety or Hollywood Reporter that said that horror was dead. 

So my partner (Troma Co-Founder, Michael Herz) said, "Let's go into something that's already dead". I always loved Frankenstein and I always wanted him to live. And I always loved Charlie Chaplin a lot too, that's where the 'Blind Girl' comes from...From Chaplin's CITY LIGHTS (1931). And Preston Sturges too. He does a very good job satirizing village life, so that's where Tromaville comes from. And of course, all our films have political themes. I became interested in the environment as well. My wife and I used to go camping and we'd see all these McDonalds plates and cups that were not bio-degradable, just laying all over the place. And I was reading about toxic waste dumps all over the word that were ticking time bombs. 

Children in Buenos Aires playing with pixie dust, which turned out to be Uranium and stuff like that. So I decided let's make a movie about the environment. And at the same time, the trends were people spending a lot of time at sports clinics and workout gyms and they were taking vitamins. So I thought that it was really interesting how we were destroying the planet but at the same time trying to make our bodies beautiful. Finally, I was at the Cannes Film Festival and getting extremely drunk, and it hit me. Let's not make a horror film, let's make the bad guy, the Frankenstein the good guy. And then everything fell into place. We made the movie, no one got it, no one wanted to show it. Then finally we got a theater in the Village in New York City to show it. The theater was owned by one of Andy Warhol's friends. And it caught on like wild fire all over the world. It's not a horror film, it's a satire using the Grand Guignol format.

TV STORE ONLINE: I read somewhere that you're a big fan of Stan Brakhage?

KAUFMAN: Yes!!! Not only was I a fan, but when I was in college I brought him to Yale to interview him on the radio station there. And near the end of his life I was reunited with him. If you got into the archives on under the section "Lloyd's Roids" there is an essay I wrote about him and his influence on me.

TV STORE ONLINE: Including Brakhage...While at Yale what films did you discover that you feel had an direct influence on your work?

KAUFMAN: Certainly, anything by John Ford, Chaplin, Keaton...Buster not Diane. Sam Fuller, Robert Aldrich. For the most part, the great American auteurs are my greatest influence. At the same time, I love Jean Renoir, Fritz Lang, and Ernst Lubitsch too. All those guys knocked me out.

TV STORE ONLINE: As Lloyd Kaufman the actor, you have a long history of playing drunks and bums in other people's movies. At this point, do you feel that you are being type-cast?
KAUFMAN: I am! For years I've been type cast as a drunk or a doctor. Which is no surprise because I actually am a drunk! But that goes back to me being in ROCKY (1976). In CRY UNCLE! (1971), I played a drunk on acid back in 1970. And I had taken a lot of acid so I knew how to do that role. Recently I've been getting some more interesting roles though. James Gunn just put me in his movie a while back. I was in a scene with Kevin Bacon and Ellen Page. And in GAMER (2009) I played a cyborg.  My range is expanding for sure.. But for years, you're right, I was type cast as a drunk or doctor aka dirty Jew. A dirty Jew with a bow tie. That's what you want? You get Lloyd Kaufman. I still do movies if there is no budget for free, but lately I've been getting better and better roles and fees.

TV STORE ONLINE: So your kids can eat?

KAUFMAN: Not my kids! I only care about me. I live my life like that movie DEAD RINGERS (1998). You ever see DEAD RINGERS? Me and Michael Herz are twins!  

TV STORE ONLINE:  I really enjoyed reading your book "Sell Your Damn Movie"...

KAUFMAN:  Today you don't need a lot of money to make your own damn movie. There is economic blacklisting now. Now the way it's going a lot of productive citizens are making movies. Teachers are making movies now in their spare time. It's possible now to make a quality movie in Detroit now with the technology that's available. So what I did was write a book about selling and distributing your own movies. It explores giving your movies away to advertise them. Film piracy isn't such a bad thing. It gets into the hands of thousands, advertises the indie movie, and copyright laws are so fucked up anyhow. They are there to help Disney, and keep the property in the hands of these big evil companies. 

The book talks about how Troma is successful, and how with the help of our fans we've been able to stay in business for over 35 years. It also talks about how to get around these big companies. How to distribute your movie. 100% of the time your distributor will fuck you. It almost seems better to be a no budget filmmaker. The key to this system is that you have to have something that's good. It has to be good. So what if movie people start doing like what musicians are doing where you give your movie away online and you ask for donations, or you give it to them, and then ask for them to buy a real DVD version as well once they've seen the movie or even buy a t-shirt for the film. 

TV STORE ONLINE: As this point in your career...What is your proudest moment?

KAUFMAN: My proudest moment in my life is when I am with my family and we're together. I get to show them off. Also, Michael Herz and I just marked 35 years in business two years ago. No one gave a shit. No one in New York gave us any coverage. 35 years of making movies in New York and no one gave a shit. Michael Herz and I have been partners for 35 years! I am very proud of that. I've been with my wife for 35 years as well. I am very proud of that as well. I am working on TOXIC AVENGER PART 5: TOXIC TWINS by the way. Another exclusive for you! Maybe we'll make it in 3D.  Or maybe we'll make Toxie's twin blue like AVATAR (2009). I've been researching movies about twins for the script. I watched TWIN FALLS IDAHO (1999), and I watched Lindsey Lohan in THE PARENT TRAP (1998).  I just directed three new films too!  RETURN OF THE CLASS OF NUKE'EM HIGH VOLUME 1 (2013), OCCUPY CANNES! (2014) and RETURN OF THE CLASS OF NUKE-EM HIGH VOLUME 2 (2014) which we're in post production on the later two currently. 

TV STORE ONLINE: Mentioning your family. Underneath your crass humor... I get this strong sense that you're really just a family guy. Have you ever had any troubles balancing family and work?

KAUFMAN: I went to Yale. I actually majored in Chinese studies. I was interested in Taoism. You can't have good without evil and you can't have pleasure without pain. It's not that weird, that I'm kinda normal. I believe my children should be properly educated. They should speak well. They should have a liberal arts education. Meanwhile, I've got this crazy alternate life of hard bodied lesbians, people getting their ass kicked, and people have explosive diarrhea. Thomas Jefferson was a duelist. He had a similar view to the universe, but I could be wrong. I get him confused with The Jefferson's from the TV show. 

The fact that I'm still around is amazing. How many filmmakers make one or two films and disappear? How many companies spend millions in advertising and then they are gone. We're still here. We put out movies from the heart, movies we believe in. Michael Herz and I have never had a contract. I haven't even looked at the Troma check book for ten years. I mean there's no money Whatever Michael wants to do is fine with me, and vice versa. If he tells me not to do something I'll listen to him, he doesn't ask much of me, and vice versa. I'm nuts, but I'm not stupid. There hasn't been another studio in the history of cinema that's had the same management for 35 years. And there hasn't been a partnership where one of us is rarely seen and the other is always drunk! Michael is much crazier than I am but everyone thinks he's the straight edge guy. But he's a strange guy without a doubt, and he's seen every movie ever made but he just doesn't want to be in the limelight.

TV STORE ONLINE: How do you feel about remakes of your films?

KAUFMAN:  Listen, we are gonna get a big fat check for THE TOXIC AVENGER (20??) remake. That is going to help us stay in business. Not everyone has heard of THE TOXIC AVENGER And if these younger people go and see it, and it's great, than that's great.  But if it's bad, then those kids are going to go out and buy or download TOXIE on The Pirate Bay and it is going to expose a whole new generation to THE TOXIC AVENGER. Fans are really pissed about the TOXIE remake. In fact there is a Facebook page where people are signing up on the "Don't Remake" page. The point is: Some remakes are better than the original. For example, A STAR IS BORN (1954) with Judy Garland. The last one was way better than the original. The remake of THE FLY (1958)...Croenberg's THE FLY (1988) was amazing. A company has even already approached us about remaking POULTRYGEIST!

TV STORE ONLINE: You know the best remake of all time was Gus Van Sant's shot for shot remake of PSYCHO (1998)...Did you like it? 

KAUFMAN: That was a terrible remake! Hitchcock was a very romantic heterosexual guy making movies. He was darkly romantic. Gus Van Sant is a homosexual, isn't he? Why would you have a homosexual remake a dark romantic heterosexual director's masterpiece.. That was just stupid. Michael Bay's remakes are horrible. There are horrible sequels too. 

Darren Bousman, who made REPO: A GENETIC OPERA (2008) re-made Troma's MOTHER'S DAY (2010). Bousman is a great director. He's seen the original MOTHER'S DAY (1980) over two-hundred times. If the remake of TOXIE isn't good, then fans can go and watch the original. It's not a big deal. A bad remake of any of our films isn't gonna hurt us. We're blacklisted.  None of our films will ever be on television again. A remake will never hurt us! The guys remaking TOXIE all went to Harvard. They aren't dummies. If they do the remake our little company is gonna get paid. We'll be able to make another movie that all our fans will respect and appreciate or at least respect!

TV STORE ONLINE: What are Troma's plans for 2014?

KAUFMAN: We are hoping to stagger along. We never make plans. We wanna make more movies from the heart. We want to develop more scripts that we believe in. My plan is make another movie. Whether it makes money is to be seen. Troma has a library. We have over one thousand films, cartoons and TV shows in our library, and we get a few crumbs from that which keeps us going. We love movies. The playing field is very un-level now. It's against the indie movie company right now. You can speak to several indie movie companies that say they are doing great. And the next thing you know they're gone in six months. If things are so great... Where are they going? They are making good movies but they can't get their movies out to the public. Their only option is to take it to the big guys, and they make just enough money to survive. Troma has a cult following. A very loyal fan base, and our fans support us. That's how we continue to thrive, and that's how we continue to make movies of the future! 

Interview Conducted By:  Justin Bozung
For more with Lloyd Kaufman please visit:
Troma Official Website HERE:
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Design A Jason Hockey Mask Contest and Charity Fundraiser: Wrap Up

TV Store would like to thank those who assisted us over the last ninety days in raising funds to help children in need via Toys For Tots.    TV Store managed to raise almost two-thousand dollars in seven days on Ebay with their Design A Jason Hockey Mask contest.

Artists from the SyFy Channel's hit reality television series Face Off as well as cast members from the F13 film franchise took part in the charity fundraiser.   Each was sent a blank white Jason Voorhees Hockey Mask and asked to create a one-of-a-kind piece of horror inspired art for a Toys For Tots auction.

In addition, TV Store Online also held a  Best In Show vote  via social media and on their blog.   Here are the voting results:

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INTERVIEW: Suspiria's Jessica Harper talks with TV STORE ONLINE about Dario Argento, Woody Allen and cooking

She's a singer, songwriter, author and actress. She's worked with Woody Allen, Brian DePalma and Dario Argento. Chicago native, Jessica Harper has been a cult movie fan favorite over the course of her forty plus year career. After appearing in such films as SHOCK TREATMENT [1981], INSERTS [1974], MY FAVORITE YEAR [1982], PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE [1974], and SUSPIRIA [1977], Harper transitioned into television work to allow herself the availability to be close to home after the birth of her first child. This allowed Harper a Cable Ace Award for her work on the ground-breaking FOX comedy series, It's The Garry Shandling Show [1986-90]. From there, Harper continued her work on television appearing in everything from Crossing Jordan [2001-07], Ally McBeal [1997-2002], Chicago Hope [1994-2000], and HBO's Tales From The Crypt [1989-1996].

Over the years, Harper's remained HIGHLY active. She's written a slew of children's book, recorded children's music albums, done theater work, raised her family, and maintained a film acting career appearing in everything from Todd Haynes amazing SAFE [1995], to Steven Spielberg's MINORITY REPORT [2002].

Recently, Harper has been active on the internet with her fun cooking blog - The Crabby Cook. In December 2011, she released a new cook book The Crabby Cook Cookbook: Recipes and Rants.

TV STORE ONLINE:  What were you like you as a kid growing up in Chicago? 

HARPER:  I had five siblings. We spent a lot of time having food fights. 

TV STORE ONLINE:  Where does your interest in performing and music come from?

HARPER:  I saw BYE BYE BIRDIE [1963] when I was eleven and after that I believed that doing musical theater was likely to be the most fun profession I could pursue.

TV STORE ONLINE:  As a kid or young adult who were some of your direct music influences?

HARPER:  Harry Belafonte, Dionne Warwick and The Beatles...

TV STORE ONLINE:  Can you talk about your experience being directed by Woody Allen?

HARPER:  He's brilliant of course, and his collaboration with Gordon Willis, the Director Of Photography, yielded a gorgeous movie...I am very proud to have been a part of it...

TV STORE ONLINE:  Where do you think your character in STARDUST MEMORIES comes from?

HARPER:  Woody came to my house and snooped around looking for clues. He noticed I had a violin.  So he made me a violin player. He has a way of taking some of an actor's qualities and applying them to the characters they play, which lends the characters an exceptional realism.

TV STORE ONLINE:  Moving toward PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE... What was your first impression of the concept and what was it that convinced you to become involved with the project?

HARPER:  I needed no convincing: I was thrilled at the possibility of working with Brian DePalma, and singing a Paul Williams' score. I felt incredibly lucky to get that part.

TV STORE ONLINE:  Did you have any idea at the time that the film would become such a cult sensation thirty years later?

HARPER:  No, I didn't...You just never know what will become of a film. But it deserves its status; it's a wonderful movie.

TV STORE ONLINE:  How does it make you feel to be known as a "cult icon"? Is it something you have embraced?

HARPER:  I love it, because of my fondness for the movie. I love hearing from PHANTOM fans, and I do, a lot. 

TV STORE ONLINE:  Can you talk about the directorial differences between Dario Argento & Brian DePalma? Was working with one or the other more satisfying as a actress?

HARPER:  They were both great to work with. They were very supportive, and very skilled at getting good performances out of actors, which many directors are not.

TV STORE ONLINE:  How did you get involved with SUSPIRIA and Argento?

HARPER:  I met him in Los Angeles, and was very intrigued because his previous movies were so interesting and highly regarded in their genre. He'd seen PHANTOM and liked me in that, so it all worked out.

TV STORE ONLINE:  How was the overall experience working on that production? Are you comfortable with your performance in SUSPIRIA as being the work that you're most known for?

HARPER:  I loved working on SUSPIRIA. Dario was great, and I loved the whole crew, the Italian experience, and the quality of the movie. As with PHANTOM, I love that it has achieved such a cult status. People contact me more in reference to this film than to any others.

TV STORE ONLINE:  As an actress are you able to watch your own work in the aftermath?

HARPER:  I am very critical when I watch my work; it makes me somewhat uncomfortable, and miserable if I don't think I did well.

TV STORE ONLINE:  Going into SHOCK TREATMENT... At the time had you seen THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW [1975] prior to the project?

HARPER:  Of course...

TV STORE ONLINE:  Do you think SHOCK TREATMENT will become an even stronger cult film over more time?

HARPER:  Hard to say, but I'm told it has a lot more followers now than it did five years ago. I doubt it will surpass ROCKY HORROR in cult status, but it seems to be gaining some momentum. 

TV STORE ONLINE:  How did you become involved and cast on Fox's It's The Garry Shandling Show

HARPER:  The same way we actors always get a part... Meet and audition.

TV STORE ONLINE:  As an actress how do you approach a comedic role, for a show like that?

HARPER:  As the man once said, dying is easy, comedy is hard. 

TV STORE ONLINE:  Over the course of your career you seemed to transition into doing a larger bulk of television work vs. film work. Was that a conscious decision?

HARPER:  Well, doing the Shandling Show came at a time when I had a new baby, and there was no way I was going to take her on location. So doing television, which in that case was a day job in my home town, was what suited my life for many years. 

TV STORE ONLINE: How did you get involved with the producing and writing of children's programming like music and books? What was the inspiration?

HARPER:  My inspiration came from my two daughters. I'd always written songs, and when they were young, it became an exercise in expressing my connection to them. The books were a logical extension of the songs. In fact, some of them have text that is lifted directly from the songs.

TV STORE ONLINE:  On projects of that nature, as a creator, what's that process like for you and how long do you spend on them prior to their release?

HARPER:  The time those projects take varies greatly. A book can take a year, or two weeks. A song is the same. I just tinker with things till they seem finished. 

TV STORE ONLINE:  Where does your passion and interest in cooking come from?

HARPER:  I really don't know, but I suppose it's from an interest in being creative, as well as a desire to eat good food...

TV STORE ONLINE:  Are you a fan of the Food Network? 

HARPER:   I love to watch The Barefoot Contessa. That's about it. I watch her while I exercise. 
TV STORE ONLINE:  What was your motivation for releasing your cook book 'The Crabby Cook Cookbook?'

HARPER:  I thought it was high time there was a book that acknowledged that not everybody experiences the joy of cooking, that sometimes cooking for a family on a daily basis can be really irritating! This book, with 135 easy recipes, is for those people, crabby cooks like me! It's a collection of humor, survival tips and recipes, for the kitchen-challenged!

For more information on Jessica Harper, or read her cooking blog, and order her new book, The Crabby Cook Cookbook: Recipes and Rants - please visit her official website.

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Design A Jason Hockey Mask Charity Fundraiser Starts Auction On Ebay

Detroit Nov. 13th -  Have you ever wanted a truly one-of-a-kind Jason Voorhees piece of artwork?    Now you can own a custom made Jason mask and in the same instance help those in need during the Christmas season.

TV Store Online, a Michigan based pop culture, film, and television t-shirt and costume website has teamed up with actors from the Friday The 13th film franchise as well as artists from the SyFy Channel's hit television series Face Off, for a Jason Voorhees inspired charity fundraiser.   Now you can own one of these custom Jason masks by participating in TV Store charity fundraiser on Ebay.

For the next six days, the designs of Friday The 13th actors Ari Lehman and David Katims as well as those done by SyFy's Face Off Roy Wooley, Derek Garcia, Tommy Pietch and Tom Devlin has been put up for auction on Ebay.    All proceeds from the auction will go directly to Toys For Tots to help children in need.

Artists participating in the Jason mask charity fundraiser were sent blank Jason Voorhees hockey masks by TV Store  and asked to produce a custom one-of-a-kind Jason hockey mask by painting, sculpting, deconstructing, or mashing up the iconic horror movie symbol to produce a very unique piece of monsterabilia.    

Other artists involved in the TV Store Online charity Ebay fundraiser include:  HorrorHound Magazine cover artists:  Joel Robinson, Lydia Burris and Nate Milliner.  Joel Robinson has dedicated his design to the late Richard Booker, an actor and stuntman who donned the Jason Hockey Mask in Friday The 13th Part 2 (1981), who passed away early in 2013.

The Ebay auction runs just six days, so hurry and bid for your chance to own a truly original Jason Voorhees piece of Friday The 13th art. 

Bid Now On Ebay On These Amazing Designs:

Ari Lehman

Cody Snyder

David Katims 1

David Katims 2

Derek Garcia

Joel Robinson

Lydia Burris

Nate Miliner

Roy Wooley

Tom Devlin

Tommy Pietch

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Vote For Your Favorite Designer In Our 'Design A Jason Hockey Mask' Charity Fundraiser

Well kiddies....It's time to pick a winner for the TV STORE ONLINE Design A Jason Hockey Mask Charity Contest &  Fundraiser!!!  Below are ten custom made one-of-a-kind Jason Voorhees inspired hockey mask pieces of art.   Artists were sent a Jason hockey mask and asked to paint, re-design, sculpt, or mash-up a symbol of Halloween, horror movies and monsters.       TV STORE ONLINE enlisted the help of a wonderful group of amazing artists, all of which, we're sure that you are familiar with.    This year, cast members from the Friday The 13th film franchise contributed designs as well as several amazing and talented contestants of the past seasons of the hit SyFy Channel television series Face Off.       In this first phase, TV STORE ONLINE is asking YOU to vote for your favorite design.  All you need to do is click on the voting button below each design.  You can vote:  one time each day only.    The design that earns the most votes will be awarded the TV STORE ONLINE best in show and earn a cast prize of $500.00 dollars!!!

When the voting ends on November 20th 2013, TV STORE ONLINE will be auctioning all of these incredible one-of-a-kind Jason inspired pieces of art on Ebay100% percent of all the proceeds will be going to Toys For Tots to help kids this holiday season.   Happy Voting and Happy Bidding.   Help TV STORE ONLINE help those in need this Christmas...


Ari Lehman
Currently residing in Chicago, actor and musician Ari Lehman first got his start as a fourteen year old kid when creator of the Friday The 13th film franchise, Sean S. Cunningham, cast him as the "Young Jason Voorhees" who jumps out of Crystal Lake at the end of the original 1980 film Friday The 13th.   Today, Lehman continues to act, as well as front the hard-rocking Jason Voorhees inspired metal/funk band, First Jason.  Their first album Jason Is Watching! is available from  Please visit Ari's website for updates on First Jason tour dates.   Ebay Auction HERE:

Designer: Ari Lehman

Joel Robinson
Joel Robinson is an American horror artist specializing in character portraits. Being a classically trained artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Joel uses traditional techniques and current technology to bring a new take on horror to his audience. He is best known for using vibrant colors to illuminate the darkest of subject matters. Joel’s clientele includes such horror greats as George A. Romero, Malcolm McDowell, Michael Rooker, Dee Wallace, Danielle Harris, and Kane Hodder among others.

He grew up on horror, loving Famous Monsters of Filmland and the great VHS slasher hits from the 80s. Bringing together his lifelong love for horror and his passion for art, Joel is now a frequent guest at Horror Conventions across the United States. He also works regularly as a staff artist for HorrorHound Magazine and made his HorrorHound cover debuts for the Special March and May/June Issue #29 in 2011. Joel's Vincent Price artwork can be seen on the blu-ray release of The Vincent Price Collection released by Shout! Factory in 2013.

Check out  to see all of Joel’s latest works, what he has been up to, and the stops on his latest tour! Joel's art has been featured on, cable channels G4 & SyFy Network, AMC, TCN,, HorrorHound and Rue Morgue Magazine.  Ebay Auction HERE

Designer: Joel Robinson

Roy Wooley
Roy Wooley is a special effects makeup artist with more than 20 years of experience. He grew up in Alabama where his father was a coal miner and a preacher who hoped his son would choose a similarly stable profession. But after Roy snuck in to see An American Werewolf in London, he fell in love with special effects makeup and the creation of characters. Roy's mother has always been one of his biggest supporters; she put up with monsters lurking around her house for many years. Since there weren't any FX schools for Roy to attend, he relied on tutorial videos, books and his innate artistic talent to develop his craft.
When Roy moved to Georgia in 1998, he took a job at Netherworld Haunted House where he established and now runs the makeup department. 

He works year-round on feature films while doing creature fabrication for Netherworld, which has become one of the country's leading haunted attractions. In August 2012, he began competing on SyFy's special effects competition show Face Off. His creations quickly became fan favorites, and he even earned a permanent spot in the Star Wars universe when he co-created a creature for the Mos Eisley cantina during his first spotlight challenge. Official Website:     Ebay Auction HERE

Designer: Roy Wooley

Lydia Burris
Lydia Burris makes art that confuses people. She was raised by trees, and was fed a steady diet of horror and fantasy movies as a child. Burris is always looking for a way to bridge the gap between concepts; Fine Art and Illustration,  Abstract and realism, light and dark, humor and stark seriousness. Burris is a mid western girl, but has lived in England for 14 months in order to get an international Masters of Fine Art degree. Lydia Burris never wants to stay the same as an artist - she is always trying to grow, improve and try new methods. To Burris, art is not a business - it is a way of life, a journey, and a path that almost always leads toward a darker realm.  Official Website:   Ebay Auction HERE

Designer: Lydia Burris

Tommy Pietch
Tommy Pietch is a young makeup artist from Ohio fighting his way to the top in Los Angeles. In the past year, he has competed on Season 3 of the hit SyFy Channel television series  Face Off, began his professional career in special effects working with Lance Hendrickson (Aliens), Adelade Kane ( The Purge) , and returning cast members from all the seasons of Star Trek for the feature length pilot Star Trek: Renegade. Pietch also founded a new artist community for theatrics and tutorial   As a self taught artist from the mid west, Pietch is a true monster in the industry and looks to the future as he plans to bring imagination back to the eyes of youngsters with his newest creations inspired by Jim Henson's work.  Ebay Auction HERE

Designer: Tommy Pietch

David Katims
Raised in Hawaii and California by a mother with a background in acting, Katims attended UC Berkeley and UCLA after high school.  While in college Katims took up acting.  Katims landed a role on the ABC soap opera General Hospital and later on was cast in 1982 in the role of "Chuck the Stoner" in the Steve Miner directed Friday The 13th Part III 3-D.   Katims moved away from the film industry in 1995 to be close to his family.  Currently, Katims is a stand up comic in the Seattle, Washington area and enjoys a career as a radio station sales and marketing rep for Entercom Radio. Ebay Auction HERE and HERE

Designer: David Katims

Nate Miliner
Nathan Thomas Milliner was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky.  After seeing the 1989 film "Batman", Nate decided he wanted to make comic books and after 14 years of studying the medium he finally made his dream come true when his crime saga "The Malevolent" made it's debut in the pages of "Feral Comix Presents #1" in 2003.  In 2006, Nate began publishing his own set of graphic novels for "The Malevolent" series to rave reviews.  In 2007, Nate published his first horror comic, "Girl Number Three" which was soon being adapted to film by a local filmmaker, Herschel Zahnd III, who believed it to be "one of the best horror stories I've ever read."  The film was released in 2009.  During all of this, Nate was also able to fulfill yet another lifelong dream of working in the horror genre when he became a staff artist and writer for Horrorhound Magazine, producing two covers for the publication in 2009, one of which earned him a Rondo Award nomination in which he took second runner up honors.

In 2012 Nathan was tapped by Shout! Factory to be the premiere artist on their new sister label "SCREAM! FACTORY" and commissioned him to provide original artwork for the Dvd/Blu-ray special editions of Halloween II, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, The Funhouse, Terror Train, Deadly Blessing, The Burning and The Howling.  Nathan has recently published Volume One of his Monsters and Madmen art book series--his first art book.  And he has just finished writing and directing his first directorial effort with the film "A Wish for the Dead" set for release in Summer 2013.  Nate lives in Kentucky with his wife Brenda and their daughter Lily.  Website:  Ebay Auction HERE

Designer: Nate Miliner

Derek Garcia
Derek and his twin brother Eric Garcia grew up loving Halloween and as kids they were influenced by their father and his stories of how he would make his own Halloween costumes. Growing up near Universal Studios and seeing the live "Horror Makeup Show" helped them further develop their interest in movie FX makeup. With expertise in airbrushing, painting, sculpting and concept design, Derek and Eric have worked alongside each other on numerous projects including: Work at Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights, Grinchmas, and the Beetlejuce Graveyard Review live stage show in Orlando Florida. Derek has gone to also work at Horror Nights at Europa Park in Germany, as well as on several television series and commercials shot around Miami like: Burn Notice, The Glades, and Graceland. Derek and his brother were both contestants on Season 3 of the hit SyFy Channel series Face Off, were Derek finished as a finalist.  Ebay Auction HERE

Designer: Derek Garcia

Tom Devlin
One can easily look at the artwork that covers Tom's arms and realize that this guy has an obsession with creatures and dead things. He has a passion for gore that began as a child when he would make two rounds of the neighborhood on Halloween, one in make-up and another in a mask. His love of Halloween and horror movies combined with his talent in high school art classes quickly began to shape his future. Knowing this, his teachers helped him to get out of school early so that he could move to Hollywood and get the ball rolling. The journey began at Joe Blasco's make-up school. Here Tom studied beauty and character make-ups. Feeling confident in his knowledge and eager to head out into the world. he decided not to continue with school and went in search of work. 

His first break came when he landed a job at Matthew Mungle's shop WM Creations. Here Tom worked on several feature films such as The Scorpion King, Red Dragon and Daredevil and TV series like CSI Miami and The X-Files for which they were nominated for an Emmy. A longing to be his own boss and armed with a good list of credits, Tom decided in 2002 that the time had come to make a name for himself. 1313fx was born. As 1313fx, Tom has worked as Key Special Makeup FX or Special Makeup FX Supervisor on over 50 independent feature films.  Website:   Ebay Auction HERE

Designer: Tom Devlin

Cody Snyder
Hailing from Upstate New York, Cody Snyder is an artist with a fondness for all things creepy and weird, and his work often tends to show it. From music to screenwriting, filmmaking and set design, his most recent passion has been for sculpting and prop work. Creation in any and all forms is a necessity, and for Cody, there is no end in sight.   Follow Cody here:
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Designer: Cody Snyder