Design A Jason Hockey Mask Charity Fundraiser: Update #1

The artists are hard at work creating a one-of-a-kind Jason Voorhees hockey mask for the TV Store Online Toys For Tots charity fundraiser.   Over the weekend HorrorHound Magazine artist Nate Milliner and Tommy Pietch and Derek Garcia from Season 3 of SyFy Channel's Face Off sent us some pictures of their hockey mask creations in progress.   Also actor/stuntman Steve Dash who wore the Jason hockey mask in Friday The 13th Part 2 sent us a photo of his hockey mask paint job as well.   All those participating in the 'Design A Jason Hockey Mask' TV Store Online charity fundraiser and contest were sent basic white Jason hockey masks and asked to turn them each into truly one-of-a-kind art works for this October's Ebay auction which all proceeds will be donated directly to Toys For Tots to help children in need during the holiday season.   To get more information about the TV Store Online 'Design A Jason Hockey Mask' contest and fundraiser please visit HERE

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