15 People Who Didn't Get Jon Hamm's Memo to Stop Talkin' About His Junk

It doesn't take Superman-strength X-ray vision to see that Jon Hamm - star of the hit AMC drama Mad Men, which is currently airing its sixth and final season - is packing serious heat.

In fact, the man who plays Don Draper has got so much goin' on down there that his penchant for going commando was causing enough of a distraction on set and with viewers that production politely asked him to slip into something with support. This isn't the first time Hamm's not-so-mini member has caused a stir, however. There are numerous Tumblr accounts dedicated to the actor's big bits, and underwear companies have publicly jockeyed to outfit him.

Mr. Hamm, however, isn't impressed, recently calling the endless attention to his manhood "rude" in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Alas, there are bigger (or is that smaller?) problems to have, eh?

Be that as it may, Twitter just doesn't know when to quit. Here are 15 people people who can't seem to get that bulge off the brain - whether Jon Hamm likes it or not.

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