Title: Outlandish Seinfeld Facts You Probably Didn’t Know… Just in Time for Festivus

There are few sitcoms that have the longstanding, audience-captivating, funny-bone-tickling aperture that Seinfeld possessed. Most sitcoms are short-lived, indeed. Many freshman and sophomore comedies quickly come to an end as soon as they have arrived; after getting the ratings axe from the major networks that purchase the rights to air them. However, Seinfeld was not such a short-lived endeavor. In fact, it ended up being one of the most popular – and quite possibly original, funniest and profitable– sitcoms of all time. And it’s won more awards than most other shows in the history of television.

How much do you really know about Seinfeld? Find out with these outlandishly off-kilter facts that will jar your memory.

WATCH: The Story of Festivus
Learn about the history of Festivus and where the line, “A Festivus for the rest of us” actually came from in the show. This hilarious video provides the moniker for this infamous holiday that was made famous by Jerry Seinfeld’s hit comedy show. If you love Seinfeld, this clip will stir up a holiday chuckle or two, for sure.
The holidays are just around the corner. What better time than to get in gear with your Seinfeld A Festivus for theRest of Us Green Adult T-shirt, and show the world that you’ve got your own funny little holiday.

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