Beavis and Butthead Spinoff Returning to MTV’s Summer Schedule

Recently, MTV announced a return of some of our favorite shows from the last decade or so in a promotion that the network is calling Retro Mania. One of those shows – Daria – was a cult classic in the mid-90s as a spinoff of Beavis and Butthead. Now, Daria will be entertaining an entirely new generation with her deadpan humor, sarcastic remarks and loathsome attitude to anything that is normal or popular in the world.

One of the things that MTV is doing to get people to watch, however, is to have celebrities comment on the episodes. It will be in much the same way that Beavis and Butthead commented on music videos as they watched them. But instead of showcasing these shows during the evening hours when fans who were influenced by Daria during their high school and early college years watched enjoyed her quips, MTV is going to be showing reruns of Daria during the hours between 9 am and noon during the weekdays. Most of the fans of this show have probably secured daytime jobs by now so they will only be able to DVR the episodes (something that did not exist when the initial run of the series was on.) So a younger generation of kids who have nothing to do during the school hours will be exposed to the quips and apathy that only Daria can provide.

For those hardcore Daria fans who will be catching up with their late teenage years, here are some quick facts that may make you appreciate the reruns even more.
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