Ron Burgundy is Back

On Conan O’Brien’s cable late night show on TBS called Conan, (sometimes it’s fun to clarify) Will Ferrell entered near the band and started playing “yazz” flute. He was dressed to the nines in what appeared to be some kind of red velvet or suede suit -- Ron Burgundy’s signature attire. Sure enough below his nose and above his lip laid the Twinkie sized mustache famous for catching ill-advised drops of milk on a hot day. His hair was bushy and swept aside like the way Donald Trump wished his hair would look. With some comical gyrations emphasizing some passionate flute playing, made more comical by the obvious sound dubbing going on when Ferrell would stop blowing and the flute sound would continue, Ron Burgundy was on stage performing in the flesh, and there wasn’t a single person in the crowd who wasn’t on the edge of their seat. I mean I wasn’t there, but I was on the edge
of my seat, so…

The fact is Ron Burgundy just has a way with us the audience, simply because you never know what kind of hilarity will ensue with him, and the advantage to his character is that he’s always funny. So you know the next thing he’s going to do is going to be funny. Then the next thing, then the next thing, etc. Well apparently Will Ferrell is no idiot, and Paramount is no idiot, because they are banking on that very concept.

After the lively flute playing, Ron Burgundy himself announced his own return to the silver screen, making it very clear that there will be a sequel to Anchorman, one of the most widely loved comedies ever made in the world. (Hear Ron Burgundy saying that last sentence. Funnier, right?) After the announcement he played himself off the stage and into the wings with incredible fake “yazz” flute playing, leaving all of us frothing at the mouth in anticipation for the upcoming movie
experience. It’s going to be wild and wonderful, no matter how it compares to the first. One thing is almost certain, with the early buzz and the remaining popularity of the first installment, the
Anchorman sequel will almost surely challenge box office records for an R rated comedy. I can’t think of a single friend of mine who would not go see that movie during its opening weekend. Let the marketing begin, which should be hilarious by itself, even though they probably don’t even need it.

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