Lost Sense of Community

It was only a matter of time before Chevy’s Chase’s genuine personality came out, you know, that one that we all love from his
movies. (Sarcasm) According to him, in a recent voicemail rant to
Community creator Dan Harmon, he has been people laugh for years a lot
better than he is on the show Community. Yes, that’s right, there was
a voicemail leaked of Chevy Chase ranting to the show’s creator about
how he’s been edited out of the show too much in recent episodes. It’s
an old story from a typical old comedian who’s been the sideshow for a
little longer than he’s used to, but nonetheless it’s a sad story. I
love Chevy Chase, probably more than most people do, so it was really
annoying to me to hear him go on like the typical non-team player in
Hollywood. He forgot his roots. Remember when he first came on the
scene as the “stage manager” in the Belushi-starring sketch to lead
off the first Saturday Night Live? The sketch was all Belushi, and
when Belushi fell to the ground in wonderful slap stick style, Chevy
Chase came out and said “Live from New York, It’s Saturday Night.”
That was it, and it was funny, and it wasn’t about him.

The show Community is an ensemble cast, with some very funny young
actors, some who could be Chevy Chase’s grand children, and everyone
shares the screen. There are some clearer main characters, such as
Joel McHale’s Jeff Winger, and Gillian Jacobs’s Britta Perry. They’ve
been working a much less annoying Ross and Rachel situation with the
two, and Chase expresses some annoyance with this storyline in his
rant. He speaks about how nobody cares about the storyline, they only
want to see funny stuff. This is an odd statement from a man who made
a living with funny, family oriented movies with storylines and
everything. Yes we watch Christmas Vacation because it’s funny, but we
also watch it every season because we like seeing his family come
together at the end, and the constant struggle of Chase’s character to
gain respect from his family as the new host of the family Christmas.
The different was -- Chase was the star of that movie.

Now, Chase is a supporting role. Something he didn’t do much of after
Saturday Night Live, but let’s not forget that this role has
undoubtedly resurrected his career. He’s gained a following from a
whole new generation, and regained respect from fans who felt
short-changed by some of his subpar movies. Let’s hope it was a just a
momentary prima dona brain fart, and Chevy will be back to making
people laugh whenever he is given the chance.

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