Four Famous Cameos on Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry David could carry the entire Curb Your Enthusiasm series with him interacting with the other main characters on the show. But as fun as those episodes were, adding a famous cameo every once in awhile made the show that much more interesting. Over the years, Curb Your Enthusiasm had many great celebrities making cameos. Here are some of the funnier and more memorable cameos on the TV Shows.

Christian Slater
In the episode entitled “The Hot Towel,” Larry David has one of his famous awkward social interactions with Christian Slater. Both of them were at a part at Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen’s home and Christian Slater was eating a lot of the caviar that was set out as one of the snacks. Larry caught him eating all of the caviar and called him out on it. Slater was annoyed that Larry thought he could tell him how much caviar he should be able to eat which ended up in another awkwardly funny conversation.

Ricky Gervais
Everything is funny when Ricky Gervais appears and Curb Your Enthusiasm is no exception. In season 8, Gervais appeared as himself in the episode entitle “The Hero.” He played an amped up version of himself in which he was starring in a three hour play that he invited Larry to. He also steals Larry’s date, but Larry gets the last laugh when he ends up saving Gervais and the lady from being robbed on the subway.

Sasha Baron Cohen
In the season 5 finale, Larry is in the hospital and has an out of body experience in which he goes up to heaven. Sasha Baron Cohen of Borat fame is one of the guides that he meets in his newfound place. But in true Larry fashion, he can’t let an argument go that he had with Cheryl earlier about putting DVDs back in their proper cases. As a result, he is kicked out of heaven and sent back to his old ways.

Shaquille O’Neal
One of the most unlikely cameos on Curb Your Enthusiasm was basketball great Shaquille O’Neal. He appeared in the season 2 episode aptly entitled “Shaq.” Larry was sitting courtside at a basketball game when he decided to stretch out his legs. Shaquille ended up tripping over them and then going to the hospital. When Larry found out Shaq was a huge Seinfeld fan, he brought every episode of the sitcom to him on videotape as a peace offering for accidentally tripping him.

With all of the cameos on Curb Your Enthusiasm, it’s difficult to choose just a few of the best. But these are some of the more memorable ones (not counting the cameos made by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander and Jerry Seinfeld) with some of the biggest laughs in the series.

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