Five True Blood Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spin-Off

Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) is the main ch...Image via WikipediaAlthough the town of Bon Temps is crawling with all sorts of mystical creatures, any given episode of True Blood spends the majority of its time focusing on psychic waitress Sookie Stackhouse. This means that some of the more interesting True Blood characters are pushed off to the side and only given the spotlight once in a great while. The easiest solution, other than having Sookie killed off, would be to spin-off some of the more colorful characters into their own television shows.


Lafayette’s recent reboot as a spirit-channeling medium has made this one-time comic relief character one of the most interesting personalities on the show. Actor Nelsan Ellis really showed great acting range this past season as he portrayed not only Lafayette, but also all of the spirits possessing his body.

This makes us want to watch him week after week as he helps restless spirits find peace in the afterlife. With the spirit of his dead boyfriend Jesus to guide him, Lafayette would take to the road, travelling all around the south and sharing his body with an eclectic cast of characters.


Resident werewolf, Alcide, seems so detached from the main plot lately that he’s practically in a spin-off already. With his psychotic wife finally out of the picture, it’s time for Alcide to break out on his own without any baggage holding him back.

An Alcide spin-off would tell the story of how this lone wolf became the alpha dog of his own very own wolf pack. We’re imagining all of the Shakespearean-level character drama and internal conflict of Sons of Anarchy, only with werewolves instead of bikers.


Even though Godric died, that hasn’t stopped him from reappearing from time to time in flashbacks. Godric may look young, but in actuality he lived to be 2,100 years old before he met his end. A Godric spin-off would most likely be a prequel, taking place many years before True Blood.

With such a wide range of time to work with, the series could either feature different stories about Godric throughout the ages, or focus on one particular era at a time. Through Godric’s eyes we could watch history come to life—and find out which world events were influenced by vampires.


Plucky vampire waitress Jessica has only been a member of the undead club for a few years now, making her a baby bloodsucker. Her on-again, off-again relationship with human boyfriend Hoyt has been interesting enough, but we want to see Jessica really explore all of what her new condition has to offer.

Instead of True Blood’s usual storylines about vampire politics and supernatural romances, a Jessica spin-off would be more like a vampire coming-of-age story. Let her leave Hoyt behind and take off to find out what she wants to do with her life—or rather, lack thereof.


Even though Sam the shifter bartender has been a True Blood staple since the beginning, he hasn’t really been important to the plot in awhile. Since he’s no longer in the running to be Sookie’s boyfriend, Sam has gone through a number of upsetting character tweaks in a desperate attempt to keep him relevant.

Sam ought to sell Merlotte’s to Terry, who seems to be the only one ever running the place, and move to a nice home in the suburb with his shifter girlfriend and her werewolf daughter. Sam’s spin-off would be a great chance to explore both a unique family dynamic and the concept of shifters as a whole.