Saturday, February 25, 2012

Seven Fun Facts about Jersey Shore’s Snooki

English: Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi at ...Image via WikipediaThe name “Snooki” may be one of the most recognizable names in the United States today. When someone says Snooki, most people immediately think about the petite bronzed Italian girl on MTV’s Jersey Shore. Her real name is Nicole Polizzi, which many people wouldn’t recognize. Here are seven other fun facts that fans of Jersey Shore may or may not know about this fun-loving reality TV star.

  • Jersey Shore isn’t Snooki’s first appearance on the TV screen. Before MTV shot the pilot for Jersey Shore, Nicole Polizzi made an appearance on another MTV show called “Is She Really Going Out with Him?” The show as about a variety of nice girls and the jerks that they were dating. She was on episode 14 in the show’s first season and her boyfriend was Justin.
  • Since her initial appearance on TV Shows, she has made several other guest appearances because of the popularity of Jersey Shore. In 2010, Snooki was one of the award presenters at the CMT Music Awards. Yes, that’s the Country Music Television awards, which seems like a mismatch but it just goes to show how popular she is.
  • If you have an iPhone, you can download an app that will “Snookify” your pictures. Upload pictures of you or your friends and use the app to make the picture look more like Snooki than you ever thought possible.
  • In college, Snooki’s major was in veterinary tech.
  • According to reports from people close to her, Snooki has never written a personal check in her entire life. However, as a result of her popularity in recent years, I’m pretty sure she has cashed some fairly sizable checks and she’s probably rather proficient in doing so by now.
  • Snooki is adopted. However, she does not have any plans in the near future to track down her biological parents.
  • For you Avon representatives, you may like to know that she is a big fan and user of your products. Depending on your clientele, this may be a major selling point or it may hurt your sales, so use your judgment if you want to use this fact in your Avon selling endeavors.