Enjoy a Piece of Fried “Robot Chicken” for the New Year

Robot Chicken (season 2)Image via WikipediaWho would have ever thought that that the actor who portrayed Scott Evil (Dr. Evil’s son in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery) would have gone on to make his own hit animated comedy? But that’s exactly what Seth Green has done. And he has done it so well that from 2005 through the current year, the show has enjoyed six impressive back-to-back seasons on Adult Swim.

Of course, the G.I. Joe dolls fighting Cobra to the bloody finish, the serial killer Santa Clause, the slanderous insinuations to fallen-from-grace actors and actresses, and the funny plays on old-school hit cartoons, toys, TV shows and what have you, is not Green’s only stint in hit animated cartoons series. As a matter of fact, he got his start on the popular Fox hit show, Family Guy, years ago, where he played the voice of Chris Griffin; and still does in current episodes.

The creator of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane, has made fun of Green’s stint with Robot Chicken in numerous episodes of Family Guy. However, there is one episode in particular that is just hilarious. When Stewie and Brian end up traveling through different dimensions due to a time machine error, they end up in a “Robot Chicken Dimension,” and a small skit that makes fun of Green’s Show. We’ve posted a video below that we found online of this hilarious anecdote, which is really a tribute to the show from MacFarlane to Green.

In case you happened to miss the laugh-filled and most recent Robot Chicken Christmas Special, we made sure to check out Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim Website, which offers free full length episodes. You can also watch this gleeful holiday episode by Clicking Here.

Our Picks for 8 Best Robot Chicken Sketches of All Time
1. “Ode to the Nut-shot” - Original airdate: 2/27/05 (People get kicked in the nuts and bawl over.)
2. “Voltron Gets Served” - 2/27/05 (Voltron gets his butt handed to him by Robeast.)
3. “Terrorism” - 4/6/06 (A hilarious sketch about Homeland Security.)
4. “Fast Food Final Fantasy: - 5/21/06 (Imagine the characters from the video game, Final Fantasy, working in a fast food joint.)
5. “Apocalypse Ponies!” - Original airdate: 5/14/06 (The four ponies of the apocalypse.)
6. “The Ring Dating Service: - 6/26/05 (A man finds out that the dating show he’s on is just like the horror move, The Ring.)
7. “Optimus Prime Dies of Prostate Cancer” - 2/20/05 (Optimus Prime dies of prostate cancer while the other autobots provide him with moral support.)
8. “Tooth and Consequences, aka The Darkest Sketch” - 3/20/05 (The tooth fairy must combat armed people when trying to do her job.)

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