Friday, January 27, 2012

Five Fascinating Facts about Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a DreamImage via WikipediaFriday Night Lights went off the air last year but it is still one of the most memorable shows in the history of television. It was so popular for many reasons, not the least of which was its plot, story lines and the way the stories were executed. But there are many other aspects of the show that made it even more fascinating and much of it is because of what went on behind the scenes. Here are a few things that made Friday Night Lights great both behind the scenes and on camera.

• When filming Friday Night Lights, it wasn’t done the typical way like most TV shows are filmed. Instead of rehearsing each scene several times and then shooting it from different angles, the actors were given a great deal of freedom in the way they delivered their lines and the way they moved around. This gave the scenes more realism.

• Friday Night Lights didn’t use sets that were built in most of the scenes. Instead, they used real places around Austin and Pflugerville, Texas when filming the show. Even the football scenes were filmed at Pflugerville High School and the actors wore real uniforms, jerseys and other things for a more authentic appearance.

Kyle Chandler, a.k.a. Coach Eric Taylor, got his start on a show called Early Edition. On this short-lived series, his character would receive a newspaper about something bad that was going to happen the following day and he took the responsibility to try to prevent the tragedy from happening.

• Friday Night Lights was consistently rated as one of the best 10 shows on TV each year while it was on by some of the biggest publications in entertainment, including Time magazine, The New York Times and Entertainment Weekly. It also received three AFI awards, a Peabody Award and several other prestigious awards. Kyle Chandler also won the Emmy for best actor in a drama series in 2011 after the show concluded its final season.

• According to a research study, Friday Night Lights was very popular among affluent viewers, or those viewers who had a median household income of at least $65,000 a year.

These are just a few of the facts that make Friday Night Lights even more interesting than it already is. Of course, most fans probably already knew these facts, especially if you are a hardcore fan. But it’s still fun to explore some of the things that make this a TV series that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hangover III to be Larger Headache

The “franchise” based on the debaucheries of a forgotten night in Las Vegas, now aims for a third installment which will actually stray from the normal formula of the first two. We’ll see if that works. Based in Los Angeles, I suppose the boys of Hangover fame will find themselves accidentally setting fire to several cars, becoming Clippers fans, starring in some porn, or worse…accidentally purchasing the Dodgers! AHHHH!

One thing we do know, as I move on forcing myself to stop listing Los Angeles-based possibilities, is that the stars of the now crazy-popular franchise are demanding more money. That sounds pretty Los Angeles-based already, doesn’t it? It makes sense, I mean the first movie they made under a million each plus backend deals. The second film was a mere five million dollar average…plus humungous backend deals. The third will be up around fifteen million each against backend. That’s a lot considering it’s damn-near an ensemble cast at this point, but if you think about Warner Brothers and their dying franchises, I’ll bet they get every penny.

Warner Brothers is losing the Harry Potter, which had like a hundred movies and made like a trillion dollars, and they’re losing BATMAN! Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Series is coming to an end with Dark Knight Rises. Holy gaping hole where solid franchises used to be Batman! So don’t be surprised to see Hangover III hitting theaters in late Spring of 2013, and don’t be surprised to see house sales popping up around the Malibu area under names like Bradley Cooper Compound, Zack Galifianakis Gardens, and Ed Helms…Home. House? Hyannis Port? Hostel? Something like that.

Don’t forget about the poor folks behind the scene who stand to finally make some decent money for a change. CAA’s Jason Heyman should be raking in some dough, since he is heading the united front of stars for the Hangover III upgrade. CAA also keeps writer and director Todd Phillips in their pocket, along with the other scribe Craig Mazin. CAA might be more responsible for Warner Brothers’ Hangover (III) than the actors. Shooting this summer in LA, I’m sure we can expect to hear snippets of funny stories cropping up, as the actors take their wild ride back to the lot, which everyone knows costs so much more….

I really do hope the movie is made -- it’s nice to look forward to a good comedy franchise for a change. The CGI escapades of most franchises start to get old.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Six Songs We Want to See on Glee

Glee cast version single cover.Image via WikipediaIn just a couple seasons on the air, Fox’s Glee has proven to be a success. In that time, the cast has performed dozens (if not hundreds) of covers which have pleased fans of the show. But with the millions of songs available, they are bound to miss a few. Here are some of the ones we would like to see the Glee cast cover in some upcoming episodes.

We saw Gwyneth Paltrow cover “Kiss” by Prince in an episode from the previous season, but “Little Red Corvette” is a great song by the Purple One, too. This is one of Prince’s most popular and beloved songs as it was his first Top 10 hit. The beat is unmatchable and the lyrics are as sexy today as they were they day he wrote them. It would be a perfect fit for the show’s upcoming season.

If I Could Turn Back Time – Cher
Even the cast of Glee couldn’t do a Cher song justice, but it would still be fun to watch them cover this awesome song. They wouldn’t have to dress in the type of outfit that Cher wore for the video either. Just belting out this song would suit us just fine.

Tiny Dancer – Elton John
It’s a surprise that the cast of Glee hasn’t done a rendition of Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer.” This is one of the more popular songs in music history and it definitely deserves a spot on one of the most popular singing TV shows today.

Play with Fire – Rolling Stones
This ominous song would be a great addition to a Glee episode. It has raw lyrics with a soulful yet haunting beat. It would be fun to watch what the cast could do with that combination. It was one of the few songs that showed the darker side of Mick, Keith and the guys.

We’ve seen Glee do two Christina Aguilera songs (“Beautiful” and “What a Girl Wants”) but not the one that made her famous. “Genie in a Bottle” would be a fun song to watch the cast perform so hopefully it’s in the works to be on an episode for the upcoming season.

Let Her Cry – Hootie and the Blowfish
I’m a sucker for Hootie and the Blowfish so any song that the cast of Glee covered by these South Carolina guys would knock me off my feet. But “Let Her Cry” is one of their best songs and if they covered this song, it would be my all-time favorite episode for life.

Are there any songs you would like to see the cast of Glee perform?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The DYNAMITE Return of Napoleon Dynamite on Fox via Animated Series is Stellar

Film poster for Napoleon Dynamite - Copyright ...Image via WikipediaBefore this past week or so, if you wanted to relive the Napoleon Dynamite adventure, you had to rent the movie, catch it during a daytime airing on basic cable or order it on your Netflix0-enabled device (unless you happened to already own a copy of the feature film).

But not anymore, as Fox has brought back the delicious dosage of the gasconaded indie-popcorn comedy in a rivetingly hilarious animated edition that truly delivers bowlfuls of laughs for the whole family with their Animated Napoleon Dynamite series that deals out a one-two punch to the funny side of your brain—and that will leave you laughing in remise after watching the outstandingly awesome Pilot Episode, “Thundercone.”

Unlike the movie, the animated series actually picks up the pace for delivering funny shakes on the laughter bus a lot more quickly than its silver screen predecessor. Considering that the one-liners from the movie are still very popular about eight year after the fact – and also taking into account that Fox is trying to continue its domination of Sunday evenings with a prime time four hour slot etched in for comedic animated parodies – it’s safe to say that this animated series will more than likely span multiple seasons.

Not without good reason, of course. In the first episode – one of two that aired during the same primetime slot on Sunday, January 15th on Fox – Napoleon realizes that his new acne cream makes him undefeatable in fights because it causes him to become manically crazy and enraged. After his brother, Kip, starts dating a new sweetheart, Napoleon steals her heart away using his newly founded courage and knack for beating people up.

The same infamous and classic one-liners like “Gosh!” and “Geez!” are back, this time augmented by a slapstick routine that dispenses laugh after laugh from the funny farm. Towards the end of the premier episode, Napoleon and Kip battle it out in the Thundercone, a funny version of the Thunderdome, only a featured in a barn mill that hosts redneck Fightclub-like brawls for the locals.

With good old Napoleon Dynamite back, and this time in animated series on Fox, it’s time to get your groove going again with our massive selection of hard-to-find Napoleon Dynamite T-shirts.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Five Unusual Weapons Used in WWE Matches

Hulk HoganHulk Hogan (Image via is known for its outlandish story lines, bigger-than-life characters and its propensity toward violence. Many times, a “bad guy” will use a weapon during one of the matches or even when there isn’t a match scheduled in order to hurt his opponent. Most of the weapons that they use are typical, but there are some odd ones that have been used throughout the years. Here are a few of the more unusual ones.

1. Acoustic Guitars: Several WWE superstars have used acoustic guitars to bash over the head of an opponent to knock them cold. Two of these stars that are known for their guitar weapons include the Honky Tonk Man and Jeff Jarrett. One of the more famous incidents occurred in 1987 when the Honky Tonk Man was about to bash his six-string over the head of Randy “Macho Man” Savage while the Hart Foundation held him down. But Miss Elizabeth ran to the back and brought Hulk Hogan down to the ring before any damage could be done.

2. Urns: Before the arrival of the Undertaker, using an urn as a weapon that supposedly carried the ashes of a deceased relative was unheard of. But when Paul Bearer, the Undertaker’s manager, turned on the dead man, used the urn more than once to betray the Undertaker, it wasn’t so far-fetched. In one match against Mankind at Summerslam 1996, Paul Bearer slammed the urn into Undertaker’s head. Another time, 15 years later, the urn was used again as a bright light shone out of it and blinded the Undertaker during a match with Kane.

3. Megaphone: Jimmy Hart is known for his big mouth and his megaphone. The “Mouth of the South’s” megaphone has been used as a weapon more times than I can count during his career as a manager in the WWE. It has changed history in the WWE as it has been used to change the course of championship matches and much more. Undertaker as World ChampionImage via Wikipedia

4. Wooden Leg: In a scene that will live in my memory forever, Diesel pulled a guy from the audience over the barrier and threw pulled his wooden leg off. The audience member was a former wrestler who had lost his leg due to complications from diabetes. At the time, I didn’t know that, which made the incident even more disturbing to me.

These are just a few unconventional weapons that WWE wrestlers have used throughout the years. It will be interesting to see what else they come up with to amuse and amaze in the upcoming years.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Enjoy a Piece of Fried “Robot Chicken” for the New Year

Robot Chicken (season 2)Image via WikipediaWho would have ever thought that that the actor who portrayed Scott Evil (Dr. Evil’s son in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery) would have gone on to make his own hit animated comedy? But that’s exactly what Seth Green has done. And he has done it so well that from 2005 through the current year, the show has enjoyed six impressive back-to-back seasons on Adult Swim.

Of course, the G.I. Joe dolls fighting Cobra to the bloody finish, the serial killer Santa Clause, the slanderous insinuations to fallen-from-grace actors and actresses, and the funny plays on old-school hit cartoons, toys, TV shows and what have you, is not Green’s only stint in hit animated cartoons series. As a matter of fact, he got his start on the popular Fox hit show, Family Guy, years ago, where he played the voice of Chris Griffin; and still does in current episodes.

The creator of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane, has made fun of Green’s stint with Robot Chicken in numerous episodes of Family Guy. However, there is one episode in particular that is just hilarious. When Stewie and Brian end up traveling through different dimensions due to a time machine error, they end up in a “Robot Chicken Dimension,” and a small skit that makes fun of Green’s Show. We’ve posted a video below that we found online of this hilarious anecdote, which is really a tribute to the show from MacFarlane to Green.

In case you happened to miss the laugh-filled and most recent Robot Chicken Christmas Special, we made sure to check out Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim Website, which offers free full length episodes. You can also watch this gleeful holiday episode by Clicking Here.

Our Picks for 8 Best Robot Chicken Sketches of All Time
1. “Ode to the Nut-shot” - Original airdate: 2/27/05 (People get kicked in the nuts and bawl over.)
2. “Voltron Gets Served” - 2/27/05 (Voltron gets his butt handed to him by Robeast.)
3. “Terrorism” - 4/6/06 (A hilarious sketch about Homeland Security.)
4. “Fast Food Final Fantasy: - 5/21/06 (Imagine the characters from the video game, Final Fantasy, working in a fast food joint.)
5. “Apocalypse Ponies!” - Original airdate: 5/14/06 (The four ponies of the apocalypse.)
6. “The Ring Dating Service: - 6/26/05 (A man finds out that the dating show he’s on is just like the horror move, The Ring.)
7. “Optimus Prime Dies of Prostate Cancer” - 2/20/05 (Optimus Prime dies of prostate cancer while the other autobots provide him with moral support.)
8. “Tooth and Consequences, aka The Darkest Sketch” - 3/20/05 (The tooth fairy must combat armed people when trying to do her job.)