The End of an Era?

Although HBO aired its final episode of the hit television show Entourage, fans don’t necessarily need to say goodbye to the cast forever. Produced by Mark Wahlberg and loosely reflecting his own experiences in Hollywood, the show’s eighth and final season left enough cliffhangers for a big screen movie.
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Vincent Chase, Ari Gold, Turtle, E, and the rest of the fictitious entourage have a die-hard fan base all around the world. The show has been syndicated globally and has impacted the way foreigners learn conversational English. Expressions, pop culture references, and American styles can be easily mimicked regardless of one’s location. People everywhere feel like they’ve seen the inside life of a celebrity; it’s hard to remember that Vince is only a character. As most Hollywood films achieve their highest success outside of the U.S., an Entourage movie will prove to be no different.

Are the experiences of the characters uniquely American or do viewers in Europe, The Middle East, and Asia relate? Do they love the show because it’s so unlike anything they know or see in their home countries? Surely, the concept of being famous in Hollywood is lost on the vast majority of the world’s population.

Even someone living in New York City has no idea what it’s like to be a celebrity. However, other themes throughout the past seven seasons are a part of being human. Issues within a friendship, a relationship, or a family are universal. The characters are constantly placing a premium on their friendship, and the value those relationships hold in their lives.

Feeling the pressures of a job, or the lack of one, are not unique to the rich and famous. While Vince is constantly looking for his next career-changing role, the other characters are continuously adjusting to new opportunities and business ventures. Much like the rest of society, their clan has experienced economic struggle and they rely on one another for support, encouragement, and a couch to sleep on. Regardless of culture, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, race or religion, most people can find a hint of themselves in at least one of the Entourage characters. For this reason, the global appeal of the show will surely guarantee a box office success.

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