Be “DYNAMITE!” this Halloween with our Napoleon Dynamite Costumes!

What are you going to be for Halloween this year? Not a vampire again? Right? Why not switch it up by role playing as the ill-spoken Jon Heder, who plays the memorable role of the reclusive Napoleon Dynamite in the cult classic independent comedy flick that was directed by Jared Hess.

Top Ten Reasons to Be Napoleon Dynamite This Halloween:
As if anyone really NEEDS a reason to pretend to be this laughable and loveable goofball, we felt it intriguing to outline our top ten reasons why Napoleon Dynamite Costumes will be hot prospects at any party this year.
1. You and a friend can go as the Pedro/Dynamite duo and really work out a nifty costume situation.
2. It’s pretty easy to imitate the gaudy lines from this movie, and it gives you another excuse to watch it one more time just for kicks.
3. Be the envy of all your friends and really play out the role as best as you can for some seriously hilarious Halloween laughs
4. It’s a rather unique costume idea that most people will not be using, which means that you can really stand out at the costume party this year.
5. Chicks adore Napoleon Dynamite; and if you are single and play your cards right (or wrong; like he does in the movie), you just may end up meeting that special lady.
6. It’s an easy costume that requires an accessory kit and the boots, which you can stash away for next year if you so desire to relive the moment all over again.
7. When you hear the dance music playing, you can mimic the classic dance scene from the end of the movie, and be cast in the limelight of the party (see the video of that awesome scene below).
8. As if you really needed more reasons to spit out some of the classic lines from this movie; now you get an excuse to do so all night long.
9. Get a friend to dress up as Kip and you can go as the Dynamite Brothers.
10. Vampires, The Crow, Demons, Zombies, etc., are overplayed, redundant and boring. So change things up this time around!

As a final rehash of this classic comedic flick, perhaps the most memorable and talked about scene easily comes right about at the end of the movie: the infamous dance-off! When Pedro’s run for school president is jeopardized because he does not have a talent skit that he was supposed to have prepared, Napoleon comes in to save the day with an old-school mix tape played over the auditorium’s central speak system and some slick dance moves that are unforgettable.

{embed video here}

Make sure to check out our Napoleon Dynamite Costumes – and don’t forget to add the Napoleon Dynamite Costume Boots and the Napoleon Dynamite Adult Accessory Kit so that you can really pull the look off and be the envy of the costume party! Make it a dorky Halloween to forever remember this year.

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