Three Examples of Social Awkwardness in Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm is definitely a TV show that is for a certain viewing palette. Not everybody is going to like it, but most of the people who do like the show like it a lot. One of the reasons people find the show so funny is because of some of the self-imposed awkward social situations that Larry David gets himself into on the show. Here are some of the moLarry David at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival.Image via Wikipediare memorable socially awkward moments in the series.

Trick or Treat
Going trick or treat is certainly a rite of passage for many young kids. But in one episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry takes issue with some teenage girls who came to his home expecting candy. And he just has to say something about it to them. He is bothered by not only their age, but also because they didn’t even bother to dress up in a costumer to go trick or treating. Instead of just giving them some candy, he tells them to go away (using some rather colorful language, of course). The next day, he finds the outside of his home draped with toilet paper and some “hate speech” spray painted on his door.

Ben Stiller’s Birthday Party
Do you enjoy singing “Happy Birthday” to someone on their birthday? Neither does Larry David. But the difference between you and him is that he simply won’t go along with the crowd…even if it’s Ben Stiller’s birthday. While everyone is singing “Happy Birthday” to Ben, he looks over and sees that Larry is refusing to sing. Even when Larry sees Ben looking at him, he still refuses. To add insult to Ben’s hurt feelings, one of the skewers that Larry was carrying around the party with him stabs Ben in the eye which requires him to wear an eye patch for several days.

The Ski Lift
This episode found Larry David and a strict Orthodox Jewish girl on a ski lift that gets stuck. The young lady is the daughter of one of Larry’s friends and she is unmarried. According to Orthodox Jews, a single lady is not allowed to be with a man after the sun sets. So when the sun is going down and they are still stuck on the ski lift, she tells Larry that he has to jump down so she won’t be shamed. He absolutely refuses to do it so she jumps instead, resulting in both of her legs being broken and Larry suffering from being socially ostracized in that particular circle of friends.

Larry David makes social awkwardness hilarious with his strict adherence to unwritten social rules. That combined with his stubbornness is a perfect recipe for laughter if you can appreciate that kind of humor.

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