Relive Ben Stiller’s Finest Moment’s in “Dodgeball”

Relive Ben Stiller’s Finest Moment’s in “Dodgeball”

Meta: Who can forget the infamous comedy, “Dodgeball”? Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn make this comedy an unforgettable laugh fest for the age.

Every once in a while an unforgettable comedy arrives on the big screen and leaves cresting waves of laughter in its wake. The 2004 debut of “Dodegball: A True Underdog Story” does nothing less.

This uproarious tale starring Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor and Vince Vaughn, is truly one of Stiller’s finer performances. Written and Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, easily, this movie was one of the better comedies to grace the Silver Screen during 04’.

The onscreen chemistry and comedic banter that has the ebb and flow of other memorable satires – like “Something About Mary,” “Dumb & Dumber” or even, say, “Borat” – has enough turbocharged slapstick laughs to make your cheeks hurt.

Sure, the lines are cheesy; mostly by intention and design.

Stiller is obviously comfortable playing his nearly synonymous role as the ill-spoken and laughable outcast. Yet this movie switches the role for Stiller – who normal plays as the underdog, like in movies such as “Meet the Fockers,” or “Zoolander,” where his signature role is being that guy that says all of the wrong things at all of the wrong times.

Much is the same in that stance with Dodgeball, with the exception of one thing: StilleCover via Amazonr is the bad guy, who still says all of the wrong things at the most inappropriate of times, but that has the winning edge with his well-funded dodgeball team, “The Purple Cobras,” who are pitting their wits against a less formable outfit of total misfits lead by Vince Vaughn, “The Average Joe’s.”

It’s do or die: Globogym – the Beverly Hills style conglomerate that appeals to the rich and conceited, and its owner, White Goodman (Stiller), place everything on the line for a winner-takes-all dodgeball tournament in Las Vegas against Peter La Fleur’s outfit of rejects, “The Average Joes.”

The pot: The Girl, the Gym and bragging rights forever; it’s all on the line here.

Some Really Funny & Memorable Scenes from “Dodgeball”

Globogym – The Commercial
Want to enjoy Stiller at his finest? Then make sure to watch this laugh-out-loud funny commercial from the movie, where Stiller (White Goodman) plugs his pretentious attitude and gym, which features supermodels, bodybuilders and even a plastic surgery clinic.


Dodgeball “We Will Rock You”
This scene (below) is just one of the most memorable scenes from the movie. Ben stiller (White Goodman) confronts his nemessis, Vince Vaughn (Peter La Fleur’s) at a local watering hole to try and intimidate him from entering the Las Vegas Dodgeball tournament.


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