My Wife’s Favorite Johnny Depp Movies and Why

My wife is like many other women in the United States – she loves Johnny Depp. She has seen almost every movie with him in it and she has purchased many Johnny Depp movies as well. Here are some of her favorite movies starring Johnny Depp and her reasons for liking the movie so much.

Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Photograph of the head of Johnny DeppImage via WikipediaThis 2003 movie starring Johnny Depp isn’t one of the star’s best known feature films but it is still a good movie. It involves CIA plots to overthrow a government and it has great shootout scenes and Salma Hayek. You can’t go wrong by putting Depp and Hayek in the same movie together. My wife enjoyed this movie even though Johnny Depp has his eyes plucked out at the end. According to her, Depp “is hot even when he has no eyes in his head.”

Pirates of the Caribbean
She just lumped all of these movies into one because it is basically the same movie each time with some slight twists and turns to the storyline. Many people like this franchise, but few like it for no other reason than because Johnny Depp stars in it. That’s the reason my wife like Pirates of the Caribbean. Even as a flamboyant pirate, he can make it work and he’s hot while doing it, according to my wife.

Edward Scissorhands
This is one of the first movies that starred Johnny Depp and made him a household name. He plays essentially a freak of nature that has scissors for hands. His love interest in the movie is Winona Ryder who invites Edward into her home and into her life. But the surrounding community begins to have a problem with him after awhile. Edward Scissorhands is one of my wife’s favorite Johnny Depp movies because, as she puts it, he’s “kind of creepy-hot in this movie.”

Benny and Joon
I’ve never seen this movie but my wife has watched it over and over again. She really enjoys this movie and she thinks Johnny Depp is at his hottest in this movie from 1993.

Some of the other Johnny Depp movies that my wife mentioned include From Hell in which he plays a detective trying to track down Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd in a musical in which he plays a deranged and murderous barber. In short, she thinks he was hot in almost every movie he’s been in. Do you have a wife that is as enamored by Johnny Depp as my wife is?

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