Hot New Trend: Costumes that Aren't

Every year in the United States, consumers spend millions of dollars on Halloween costumes, decorations and candy. In fact, the amount of money spent on adult costumes in 2010 was just under $1 billion, according to the National Retail Federation.

For young adults, dressing up is not for trick-or-treating. Bars, clubs, parties and parades are where these students and young professionals are debuting their Halloween couture. As a result, their costumes are a reflection of their grown-up taste and for females they are often tighter, sexier, and smaller than what might be considered appropriate for a regular night out. Getting only one use out of a potentially expensive outfit is a major drawback for anyone on a tight budget.

One cure for the inescapable ridiculous feeling of dressing up: having your friends right next to you in the exact same outfit. The lure of banning together as a group attracts buyers to themed costumes with multiple characters like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Sesame Street.

Enter the perfect solution and sure to be a big trend this season: the tank dress costume. Tight, sexy, and flattering? Check. Variety to ensure a group of girls can dress up together? Absolutely. The costume designers have taken the classic tank dress trend, made famous by brands such as American Apparel, and printed characters or props right onto the fabric. A girl could even wear the dress any other day of the year; it does not have the regular telling signs of a cheap and cheesy Halloween outfit. Priced at around $30, girls can buy a dress knowing they'll have more than one use for it. They can even switch characters with their friends the following year.

Could this be a trend for men as well? With small or simple accessories could an array of printed t-shirts suit a group of guys up for Halloween?

For those not looking to "try too hard" or break the bank with their Halloween spending, the clever and cute look of printed costumes will surely be a hit for the upcoming season of spook.

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