Ari Gold: The Movie

A few days away from the Entourage season premier, rumors of progress on a possible script for a movie version of the popular show on HBO have surfaced. Doug Ellin, the creator of Entourage, has confirmed that a movie is in the works. After speaking about his confidence in the potential of the eighth season, Ellin said he will start writing a script for the movie version wiAri Gold (Entourage)Image via Wikipediathin the next six months, no doubt after the season ends to get a sense of what storylines would work well in a long version of the show.

Rob Weiss, Executive Producer and Writer on Entourage, mentioned sifting through several different storylines, but also spoke of the difficulty they’ve found choosing the right story that works even for the last season of the series, let alone a movie idea. They already had to throw away three scripts they’ve written for the last season.

For a storyline to be interesting through an entire movie, it must involve every main character in the show, and I think they should lean heavy on popular character Ari Gold. First of all, Jeremy Piven has the most film experience out of anyone in the cast by far, and also his character is just plain more interesting than the other characters. I love the show, but how much can we believe any of Turtle’s failed storylines will work, or how long can we watch Vinnie Chase being smooth with girls. Also, unless something changes, Eric will be getting married and that will be a little strange. I’m sure they’ll find something to make Drama look like an idiot and screw up his career once again. That’s always pretty funny, although it’s definitely getting old and it would be nice to see something good happen to him. Maybe that will happen this season, or maybe that would be something the movie could do. A significant redemption for Drama would be cool in my opinion.

As for Ari Gold, his constant pursuit to become the most powerful person in Hollywood is always intriguing, and usually because of the way Piven plays the character. The storylines can be good, and full of conflict, but the character is just literally…gold.

I look forward to the season premier of Entourage, but I will be even more curious to hear about the progress of the movie, and psyched to someday see a trailer to get an idea of what will be going down with the boys from Queens.

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