Scott Baio (Possibly) Back In Charge on Nick at Nite

Looks like Scott Baio’s television career may be looping back into the world scripted sitcoms. The former star of Happy Days and Charles in Charge is in talks to develop a new show on Nick at Nite entitled, Daddy’s Home.
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According to Deadline, Daddy’s Home revolves around a former television star who returns to domesticated life, raising his three kids so that his wife can get back into the fame game in a soap opera. While Baio’s character had experience in playing the quintessential TV Dad, the show is expected to show us how well, or most likely how little, he fares away from the cameras and rehearsals and confronted with real life fatherhood. Cue the mishaps and hilarity.

Returning to scripted comedy seems an appropriate move for Baio, who had much success in the early years of his career, first as Chachi and then as Charles. The star had fallen under the radar for some time until his plunge back into television with his VHI reality series Scott Baio is 45 … and Single (and follow-up of Scott Baio is 46 … and Pregnant). While the shows answered our “Whatever happened to...” musings, it didn’t exactly put him back on the map. Going back to his roots may afford him the opportunity to make the comeback that other former stars, like Neil Patrick Harris, or more likely, ‘Joey’ Lawrence have been afforded. And while we all muster a chuckle at the mention of the former “Whoa” slinging teen heartthrob, Lawrence has steadily made a name for himself within multiple family oriented sitcoms over the years and an impressive run on Dancing with the Stars.
Nick at Nite is a befitting arena for his comeback. The network seems to be taking the similar approach of creating prime time original programming as TV Land, who has garnered success with Hot in Cleveland starring “It Golden Girl” Betty White and more recently, Happily Divorced, resurging the career of former Nanny, Fran Drescher, after a failed attempt at a talk show.

The show is still in the writing stages and the pilot has not yet been approved. But I’m curious to see where this latest venture will land Scott Baio. Or at the very least, crossing my fingers that the show delivers on appearances by former costars Nicole Eggert, Willy Aames or Anson “Potsie” Williams. And the kid who played Adam Powell - whatever happened to him?

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