Fast Five Races To The Top And Keeps Going

In its first weekend of release, Fast Five managed to break box office records and become the first big blockbuster hit for 2011. The film is the fifth film in a franchise that has had its low moments and its high moments. Most fans of the series have completely forgotten about the second and third film, but the films where Vin Diesel dominated the screen with his presence have been the hits for the series. With over 86 million at the box office in earnings, itVin Diesel at the Fast & Furious premiere at L...Image via Wikipedia is safe to say that these films bring in the movie goers.

These movies aren't made to win Oscars. They are simple and basic films that have high action, great looking people, and simple story lines. These films are classic escape movies. They aren't meant to change your life. These films are just meant to let you get out of the house and relax for a little while, and that is what people do. They don't really have to think much when they go to see a movie from this franchise at the theater.

Before Fast Five was even released, the movie studio behind it was already planning the next film in the franchise. Yes, Fast and the Furious will continue, but the type of films from the franchise will change slightly. Fast cars will still play a part, but the plan is to turn the franchise into a serious of heist films similar to Fast Five. The team will take down the big score while on the run from FBI time after time. Sounds like a premise that can work if the team is never caught.

It isn't surprising that the franchise already has a sixth film in the works. The fact it was announced before the release of Fast Five is not all that surprising. The film even teases the plot for the next film in a bonus scene fans can see at the very end of the film following the credits. With a plot in place, all the film needs is a script and to go into production. Spoiler warning. Stop reading now.

The bonus scene contains Michelle Rodriguez. Her character died in the fourth installment, but it appears she might make a return in Fast Six. Unless the bonus scene has nothing to do with the next film that is! One can never tell what a movie studio might do. Fast and the Furious has never been billed as life changing cinema. It is action and beauty. Nothing more. Nothing less. If you want to escape for a couple of hours, these films are just the ticket. If the franchise keeps breaking records like it did with this release, expect to see more films made.

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