A Time and Place for Meatloaf Meltdowns

He may see paradise by the dashboard light, but take one of his cans of spray paint and he may beat those lights right out of you. Meatloaf's tirade aimed at Gary Busey has been widely promoted all season long and was both entertaining and frankly a little sad, but added some much needed controversy within the battle to become the next winner on The Celebrity Apprentice. The episode's challenge had the cast create various pieces of artwork to raise money and after a trip to the store, missing sponges and art supplies sparked a fury in the Bat Out of Hell singer, culminating in him hurling expletives and saying, "Look into my eyes, I am the last person you ever wanna f*** with." Yikes.

It's not quite clear where Meatloaf's obvious animosity towards Gary Busey (now more famous for his philosophical acronyms than any of his Academy Award nominations) stemmed from, though he did ultimately admit to having anger management issues. But, Gary Busey being Gary Busey of course, calmly responded to the F-bombs and threats spewed at him simply with, "Meatloaf excelled to the level of dancing on the rainbow with no fear." This is why we watch the show.

Donald Trump in February 2009Image via Wikipedia After all was said and done, the challenge raised more money than any other overall season of the show - over $1.6 MM. Donald Trump himself contributed an extra $14K, granting Project Manager Marlee Matlin an even $1 MM for her charity as the challenge winner.

The dichotomy of all this baffling behavior and charitable donations seems illustrative of the man rumored to be running for President in 2012. For the self-made millionaire who seems to have as big an ego as he does stock in hair products, the bid seems to be just another attempt at making the headlines. He's clearly mastered the art of maintaining the media hype surrounding him as of late, between his Roast on Comedy Central (seriously, what was that?), a possible makeover on one of Oprah's final episodes, and promises of even more juicy confrontations on his show . And while we’ll all sit back and watch the melee unfold on Celebrity Apprentice with promises of big returns in cringe-inducing B-lister moments and fat checks written for the greater good, the American public may not respond in the same way to those antics in an election. Right now, all we can do is sit back and wait for the next Meatloaf Meltdown and stay, in the words of Gary Busey, “LUCKY” - Living Under Correct Knowledge Yearly. You can find an amazing musical stuff and material here at https://www.tvstoreonline.com/music/

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