Glee gets Licked for “Sickening” Displays of Affection

The main problem these days with successful shows that feature controversial themes seems to be how they make the TV remote much, much harder to work. The latest issues were brought up by the likes of Dan Gainor on and even former SNL comic Victoria Jackson, whose recent comments about Barack Obama really don’t make her a credible source of any sort of knowledge. However, what these people are saying is being published, and therefore
it becomes relevant, and therefore comments are made about their comments…yada yada yada.

Victoria Jackson is quoted in the Hollywood Reporter calling a first kiss by the character Kurt Hummel “sickening”. She also asks what the “agenda” is for the show. Meaning, what is its political agenda? I’m sure after working on Saturday Night Live, one of the most politically one-sided shows in history with what could be considered a clear political agenda, she would be able to understand a show that pushes the limits and creates controversy to open up a healthy discussion. I guess this isn’t the case though, as she continues to dirty the world with her ignorant comments. Also, it’s worth noting that Victoria Jackson laid on a beach naked next to Lea Thompson in a movie called “Casual Sex?”. Honestly, Lea Thompson is quite hot in this movie, but Victoria Jackson lying naked on the beach….that’s sickening.

As for the comments made by Dan Gainor, he talked about “promoting a gay agenda”, and how most parents would not want to send their kids to the high school portrayed in the show. It sounds like he doesn’t really like the show. He also implies that lots of other people don’t like the show, and are also angry about not liking the show. For some reason, it seems especially troublesome for these like-minded people to operate a television remote. Sort of the same way many other like-minded people click the button that surfs them past FOX News. It’s really easy, and since Glee is getting great ratings, you don’t even have to feel guilty about it. Change the channel! Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to catch Victoria Jackson in reruns of Strip Mall or Kamen Rider: Dragon Night. I know my DVR is ready and waiting for those gems to show up.

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